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How To Start Chat With Crush on Whatsapp and Tinder?


Here we are going to tell you about how to start chat with crush on WhatsApp or any other chatting app. When you have a crush on someone, it is very hard to start a conversation. There can be a plenty of reasons behind this kind of behaviour. For instance, if they are already your friends and you don’t want to lose you friendship with them by expressing your feelings or if we take tinder into consideration, here everything depends on the first impression you make and hence there is a pressure of building that first impression so that the chat continues.

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In this social era, it is not hard to find people and since you have a number of options, you might want to go with the best among those. This makes the situation worse. While starting the conversation, the first step is the greeting. Don’t try to be too formal or too casual. For e.g.- good evening or hello sounds too formal and hey wassup is too casual to start a conversation. Everybody usually says a hi, how are you in their text. Try to be unique in a subtle way.

Take their name on the greeting itself. For example- hey (name). how are you doing. This would make them feel special and there are higher chances that the person will reply. Usually, the girl replies with nothing much, you? Now here comes the twist. This is the place where your reply will confirm if the other person is going to continue the conversation or not. Try something interesting without coming out to be very cheesy and cringy.


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For example- you can say something related to their bio. If they say they like cooking, start of by saying that you are cooking your favourite dish and chances are that you will get response soon.

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At this point, your focus should not be to figure out if the person is interested in going out with you, here you should be more concerned about keeping the conversation moving. As this is not some movie where the person might fall in love with just one statement of yours, here you require some effort to grab their attention.

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Get to know about what kind of person they are. If they are outgoing, start by asking their favourite place to chill. Again, by not making it too obvious that you are asking them so that you can ask them out at that place.


If the person is not so extrovert, just stick to a playful conversation and don’t do something which scares them away. Introverts are people who are a bit hard to deal with in social media as you don’t know as to how introvert they are.


While going ahead with the conversation, don’t stick to job interview type questions like what do you do? Where do you live? Etc. this is just going to put the conversation to an end. Keep the conversation fun, light hearted. And try to keep your tone witty, cheeky, and playful. Don’t try to be very deep and sexual and never come out as a cheap conversationalist.

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Make sure that you have basic grammar knowledge and don’t mess up with the language. Also try not to brag a lot about yourself. Truth is major piece. Try to be yourself. Asking the person out is another great challenge. Don’t keep the meeting too intense. Use phrases like please make sure going out doesn’t mean that I will sleep with you. But of- course in a funny way or else the other person may freak out and get scared. Telling this playfully will ease off some pressure.


There are certain lines which can go handy if nothing comes to your mind- “you seem really fun and sweet. I would love to call you and see if we are compatible.” “you seem great. What are you looking for on this site?” “I loved your profile. My name is _________ and it’s really nice to meet you online. Are you comfortable in getting a drink?” Never, I repeat, never use corny or sleazy lines like- “you are one hot mama” “come to me and I’ll make you come sooner” “let’s make babies” If you aren’t getting any replies, remind the person once or twice but don’t spam their inbox. If they are interested, they will surely text you back but spamming them will shoo them further away.


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1. Learn About Her Through Social Media

To break the ice, start by learning more about her through social media. In today’s age, everyone has social media profiles so getting to know someone has become easier by checking their profiles.

Go through the girl’s social media profiles to know more about her interests, her likes, and dislikes and if possible other information like her hobbies. This will help you get started in successfully making conversation with her and maintain it.


2. Start With A Question

If you want her to reply then don’t start with a vague text. Asking her a question like “Hi, how are you doing?” as more chances of getting a reply than just a casual “Hi.” You can also ask her how her day was or what she is up to. This will allow her to reply you back.


3. Find Common Interests

You should start by finding common interests by checking her social profiles. This will give enough topics to start a conversation with her.


4. Be Confident

Girls love confident guys. If you want to impress your crush you need to be yourself. Act natural and be confident.


5. Compliment Her

Girls love it when a guy compliments them. It is one of the easiest ways to impress her. It will show her that you are paying attention to her.


6. Don’t talk About Yourself

No one likes it who only talks about themselves. And it will be a big turn off if you are trying to impress your crush. Instead of talking about yourself, you can ask her questions. This will show her that you want to know more about her.


7. Go Deep With Your Conversations

Once you are successful with the initial conversation you can then go on a deeper level and get to know more about her by talking about topics that are closer to her heart.


8. Listen To Her

If you ask your crush how her day was and she says it was bad, do not try to change the subject or how bad your day was.

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