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10 Common Tinder Mistakes Killing Your Chances Of Right Swipe


Tinder has changed the meaning of dating for a lot of people these days. From meeting someone new and putting all the efforts to get them like you, the game has changed to putting all the efforts in making a decent profile and swiping right the perfect guy.

Even after the dating is made so easy, there are certain mistakes that every tinder user is prone to make considering the misuses of the application. So, we are here to help you through that and remind you to never commit these 10 common Tinder mistakes:-

1. Fake Tinder Profile

Making FAKE tinder profile is one of the common tinder mistakes. Tinder can be one of the best places to find a romantic partner, but the fake ones come along. These fake profiles are usually bots or people trying to run scams on tinder. Few signs to understand that the profile that has been matched with you is a fake profile are very little or no bio, only one picture that too looks like downloaded from internet, automated messages or games requests.

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2. Choosing Only Selfie for Profile

We can all agree that Tinder works on face value and hence your photos should be up to the mark. While choosing your pictures for making a profile, try to show your entire personality through pictures. Try avoiding pictures of just your face with mere selfies, which is the common mistake done by all. Try pictures in which you are doing activities that you like, etc.

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3. Length of Profile

There are two common Tinder mistakes that are made by people regarding the length of profile, too long and too short. Try avoiding both, as they both are major turn offs. Try to write something in a very crisp, concise and witty manner, that is enough to understand the basic characteristics about you.

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4. Sharing Personal Information

Tinder already has the feature of linking your social media accounts that are visible to the people who are browsing. Apart from this, some people tend to make a major mistake by sharing too much personal information, like sharing their phone numbers, and even addresses. This might not look as dangerous, but there could be serious repercussions.

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5. Coming Out as a Rude One

Even if your profile length is decent and you have chosen good pictures, your tone while writing bio could make a great impact on the person viewing your profile. Being rude or corny in the bio doesn’t make a person cool. So, try avoiding this major mistake. Don’t start your bio in which you show hatred towards some groups, or “I won’t respond if…” nonsense in your bio.

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6. Letting the Quality People Go

This mistake is so common and evitable. Sometimes when you are desperate and are on a swiping spree, you tend to just look at the pictures and judge the person through them. in this process, you might be losing out on gems. Hence, try to read the bio and explore further in order to get to know the person better.

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7. Bad First Impression

Again, since Tinder works on face value, it is necessary that your first texts should be catchy enough to get the attention of other person. The common mistake made in such cases is either the text is too long, mainstream and boring, or it comes out as a creepy and overly sexual one. And we don’t want either. The best suggestion to avoid this mistake is to text what you wish to receive.

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8. Unreasonable Expectation

We all fall for this common tinder mistake really easily. We try to expect something out of Tinder that won’t be possible even if we go physically and look for a date. The common mistake is to find true love on Tinder. Although there have been many happy couples who met on Tinder, but a significant population on Tinder is just for flings or causal relationships. So, don’t make this mistake and end up heartbroken.

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9. Lying on the Profile

Another common mistake which is very easy to recognize. Some people think that if they lie on Tinder, no one will get to know about it. This includes, exaggerating the income, heavily edited pictures, etc. Don’t you think, if you actually go out and meet the person, they will eventually get to know the reality?

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10. Being Too Shy

Another major setback for the people who you want to have a conversation on Tinder. Again, the application works on a face value and if you want the other person to set you aside, then you will have to quit being shy and try to be straight forward. Don’t wait for others to message you first, you might lose your chance. Text them, initiate a conversation and voila, you have made your way through it.

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