How to Pick Right Guys on Tinder

Find the Perfect One

Are you tired of just swiping left on every guy looking for something wild like a beast when you want to meet someone who can truly care about you? Most of the people believe that Tinder is not a platform to meet good guys, rather it is just a means of “one-night-stands” or “hook-ups”. Girls have even faced situations where the guy looks perfectly normal but upon starting a conversation with them, they just get weirder and weirder, and before you know it, your phone has some yucky unwelcomed n*de pics.

So, is it really possible to find a good guy on Tinder?  Surprisingly, the answer is Yes! It is possible to find a good and mature guy on Tinder who are actually looking for something serious. So here, we come up with 8 proven tips to find those guys.

1. Avoid those guys who go directly to sex talk

This is one of the basic things to do if you don’t want to be in trap of guys looking for casual physical intimacy. A boy who send a sleazy, sexual message on the very first conversation you have, is the kind of boy you need to avoid.

2. Post Best Pictures of Yourself

Most of the people believe in “First impression is the last impression” philosophy. And this is the case even in Tinder. After all your picture is the first thing a guy sees in your profile. Give the best pictures that you have including, full-body, candid shots, pictures of you travelling, etc. Try to avoid pictures of you in a group, because who likes this guessing game?

3. Avoid Pictures with Cleavage

This is another factor that attracts the men looking for casual sex. If you want to avoid them, make sure your sexuality is presented in a more subtle manner and not is just out there. You will achieve a lot more by covering and giving subtle hints of your sexuality rather than displaying it.

4. Write A Good Bio

Whenever you are writing a bio, keep in mind the things that you want him to know. There are a lot of people who don’t bother about bio. If the guy has just swiped you right without checking out your bio, that means that he has judged you on your appearance. Make your bio consisting of your two to three hobbies and in a manner that it doesn’t seem like bragging. Try to give him something that he wouldn’t be able to get by your photos.

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5. Slow Down Your Swiping Spree

Don’t we all have the curiosity to look at all the possible options available and keep swiping as fast as possible? Well, this is a bad move in case of Tinder as you can’t undo your swiping and might lose someone special (Unless you have the premium account). Take your time and try to look through all the picture and read the bio. You might find what you are looking for even before you start the conversation.

6. Have A Flexible Age-Range

The whole point of Tinder is to get newer experience, then why not the age should also be included in experimentation? Try to fixate your age range as five years older and younger. You never know you might be losing someone important just because you have set a stringent age range.

7. Talk to Them

Conversation helps a person understand the intentions and motifs of the person. Try to talk to all the guys who text you. Don’t judge them on the basis of their first message, try to extend the conversation at least to some extent and then make your judgments.

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8. Not Everyone is Perfect

While swiping, keep in mind that no one is 10/10. Tinder is known to have a reputation of being superficial. But because of this, a lot of girls end up with good-looking but shallow, arrogant guy. Have you ever heard about a man who is dashing, smart, funny, genuine, kind-hearted, all at once? Keep this in mind and then move forward.