17 Confessions About Love On The Beach Are Too Hot To Handle

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What was you beach experience? Is it similar like these –

1.  I met a guy on vacation and we had S** on the beach. We got cought but I didn’t even care because I was never going to see him again.



2. I met a guy at the club and we had S** on the beach. Don’t even know his name. I regret nothing.



3. I had S** with my boyfriend in the ocean at night and lost my bathing suit but it was worth it.



4. I went skinny dipping in the ocean with a friend and we ended up having s** on the beach afterward. He was a perfect gentleman.



5. I just had S** with my bf at the beach. It was short lived because we got interrupted by a drone trying to record us…



6. I had S** with my boyfriend on the beach and was able to scream so loud. No neighbours to report us.



7. I had s** on the beach last night. The Moon was really bright, afterwards we were slo dancing to no music. I’ve never had such a romantic night.



8. Having S** in the ocean was the best workout. Plus it felt so sexy and primal it’s all I ever want to do now.



9. Having S** on the beach was such a rush. There were tons of people around be he made me forget about all of them <3.



10. I had s** on the beach for the first time and we lasted tow hours. I didn’t even care if people saw us.



11. I has S** on the beach with my boyfriend last night because he was too turned on to make it back to the house. 



12. I had s** on the beach for 2 hours once and sand come out of my Vag*** for a week.



13. I had S** on the beach twice. I don’t know what everyone is talking about when they say it’s bad.



14. I had s** on the beach with a guy on our first date. He acted so prissy about the sand “getting everywhere” that i never saw him again.



15. My boyfriend said having S** on the beach was onhis bucket list so we did it. I got a log of chaffing but he was so happy it was worth it.



16. I had S** on the beach at night and two times during the day and didn’t get sand up in there. I’m honestly feeling pretty lucky after some of the horror stories I’ve heard about beach s**.


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