Health23 Gorgeous Female Fitness Models In The World

23 Gorgeous Female Fitness Models In The World


The world is full of gorgeous and pretty female fitness models. They train tirelessly to achieve the perfect physique and work even harder to keep their body in shape. As a result, they become perfect body models and are super popular on Instagram and other social media platforms.


1. Daisy Keech

female fitness model Daisy Keech
via – Instagram

This 20-year-old fitness model from California has made a huge splash on the social media app Instagram. Her stunning, all-American look and petite figure have gained her endorsements with Fashion Nova Clothing, MANSCAPED, and Ko-Watches. She’s even posed in a photo with the famous DJ Marshmellow!


2. Taylor Kay

hot female fitness model - Taylor Kay
via – Instagram

Taylor Kay is a fitness model and trainer whose physique has brought more than 1.1 million followers to her Instagram account, Taylorkayteee. Her YouTube channel of the same name includes workout videos, clothing try-on, exercise tips, and more. Her real name is Abigail Kate Taylor. Taylor Kay was born on September 30, 1997, in England.


3. Elizabeth Zaks

hot fitness model Elizabeth Zaks
via – instagram


4. Sylvie Meis

hot fitness models Sylvie Meis
via – instagram


5. Amelie Schröpfer

hot fitness girl Amelie Schröpfer


6. Pamela Reif

hot fitness model Pamela Reif


7. Evelina

hot female fitness model Evelina


8. Demi Rose

hot female fitness model Demi Rose


9. Yaslen Clemente

hot female fitness model Yaslen Clemente


10. Bruna Rangel Lima

hot female fitness models Bruna Rangel Lima


11. Abby Rao

hot fitness models Abby Rao


12. Sommer Ray

hot fitness model Sommer Ray


13. Jena Frumes

hot female fitness model Jena Frumes


14. Guusje Van Geel

hot fitness models Guusje Van Geel


15. Katie Crewe

hot fitness models Katie Crewe


16. Kelsey Wells

hot female fitness model Kelsey Wells


17. Robin Gallant

hot female fitness models Robin Gallant


18. Soph Allen

hot fitness models Soph Allen


19. Anita Herbert

hot female fitness models Anita Herbert


20. Dannielle Robertson

Dannielle Robertson hot fitness models



21. Valentina Lequeux

hot fitness models Valentina Lequeux


22. Tammy Hembrow

hot fitness models Tammy Hembrow


23. Whitney Simmons

hot fitness models Whitney Simmons


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