How ToEssential Tips for Perfect Eyebrow - Is Your Eyebrow...

Essential Tips for Perfect Eyebrow – Is Your Eyebrow Shape Correct As Per Your Face Type?


essential tips to get perfect eyebrows

essential tips to get perfect eyebrows


Never underestimate the power of well kept and structured eyebrow. Eyebrows have magical power of changing one’s look entirely. Don’t believe …take a look for yourself


essential tips to get perfect eyebrows

essential tips to get perfect eyebrows

essential tips to get perfect eyebrows


Well shaped eyebrows give instant illusion of facelift. Basically eyebrows frame your face and bring attention to your best features. So does this mean there exists some ideal eyebrow shape? Well no eyebrow shape totally depends on face structure. Let’s have a look at what shape suits which face structure-


essential tips to get perfect eyebrows




1.Measure your face


  • Measure the widest part of your forehead i.e. from arch of eyebrow to arch of another eyebrow.
  • Measure widest length across your cheekbones
  • Measure jaw line at its widest points



2. Heart shaped face


This type of face is wider at forehead and narrow at jaw line. One can even have a pointy chin.


eyebrow shape for heart shaped face



3. Square shaped face


In this type of face width is equal at jaw line, forehead and cheekbones. This face shapes look best in photographs and ages beautifully as well. They have very angular and sharp features.


essential tips to get perfect eyebrows

Little round shaped brows bring softness to already sharp features of square face.



4. Round shaped face


This face type has soft features and fuller cheeks.jaw is slightly rounded and non angular. In this face type also width of jaw line, cheekbones and forehead is equal it’s just the chin that makes difference.


eyebrow shape round face tips

A slightly round eyebrow suits best to this face type.



5. Diamond shaped face


This face is widest at its cheekbones, jaw line and forehead have equal width but lesser than cheekbones.


essential tips to get perfect eyebrows

A curved eyebrow brings softness to a diamond face.


6. Long face


This face type has more length than width. This face type is also referred to as oblong.


eyebrow shape for long face

A little extended eyebrow at the arch suits best to this face type.



7. Oval shaped face


In this face type forehead is slightly broader than jaw line and features are mostly round with no hard lines. This is the most versatile face structure.


eyebrow shape oval face

A slightly arched eyebrow does justice to oval face.

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