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How to Choose the Right IndusInd Bank Debit Card for You in Easy Steps


Debit cards are a necessity in this digital age. Owing to their wide acceptance, you no longer need to carry bundles of cash. You can just swipe or tap your card to make payments on the go. It also comes in handy while making secure transactions online, irrespective of your location.

Apart from being convenient, a debit card is easy to get and self-protected. Most banks offer cards that also double up as ATM cards. So, you can use it to withdraw cash as well. 

Thanks to IndusInd Bank’s diverse range of debit cards, you can choose one that fits your lifestyle. Considering the different types of cards available, selecting the right one can feel a little confusing. Still, you can make this decision easier by considering some key factors.

Also, know how to apply for an IndusInd Bank debit card in a few easy steps. 

How to Choose the Right IndusInd Bank Debit Card for You in Easy Steps

Types of IndusInd Bank Debit Cards

Broadly, IndusInd Bank offers debit card variants such as Regular, Gold, Signature, Platinum, Titanium, Pioneer and DUO. Take a look at the following features before choosing the right card for yourself.


Fees and operating cost

Each IndusInd Bank debit card has a different set of fees including issuance fee, annual fee and taxes. Some have no annual fee but come with an issuance fee like the DUO Card. Likewise, the Platinum Select debit card has a free issuance/annual fee. Do consider the operating cost and fee of a specific card before choosing it.


Cross-Currency Mark-up

If you travel a lot, you need to consider the cross-currency mark-up, i.e. charges when you transact in a different currency than INR. For instance, the Pioneer World, Signature Exclusive and World Exclusive debit cards have 0% cross currency mark-up. So, you must choose a card with low mark-up charges if you intend on using it abroad. 

Please note: Some of the cards are mapped to certain account types, do check on the website before applying.


Secure Purchases

With IndusInd Bank, you receive protection against losses if your card gets stolen. You also receive complimentary insurance for consumer durables you buy. You can also set limits on your ATM withdrawals, and domestic and international purchase limits easily using the Indus Mobile app.


Rewards and Features

As you shop with your card, you receive assured reward points, a host of exciting discount offers, exclusive brand vouchers, free movie tickets and cashback. The various kinds of debit cards aim to meet your diverse needs. For example, the IndusInd Bank DUO card has two EMV chips and magnetic stripes. It works as a credit and debit card simultaneously. 

Therefore, you just have to compare the multifaceted features and benefits of IndusInd Bank debit cards before choosing the ideal one for yourself.


Steps to Apply for an IndusInd Bank Debit Card

You can follow the step-by-step process given below to apply for a debit card online

Step 1 – Visit IndusInd Bank Debit Cards and browse through a wide range of options.

Step 2 – You can click on the ‘All’ tab to view all the debit cards offered by the bank.

Step 3 – Now, refine or filter the various cards based on different benefits and fees. These include ‘NFC enabled’. ‘Lounge Access’, ‘Movie’, ‘Cross Currency Mark-Up’ and ‘Welcome Gift’. These options help you choose a card that suits your unique requirements. 

Also, select the ‘Free’ or ‘Paid’ option to filter the options further. Just click or tap on one or more parameters to view the corresponding variants. 

Step 4 – You will now have the results as per your selections. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button under the debit card you want to receive.

Step 5 – Provide some basic details through a short enquiry form. Also, specify whether you are an existing IndusInd Bank customer or not before hitting ‘Apply Now’. You will receive a unique transaction ID. And a bank representative will reach out to you for further steps.


Over to You

A debit card from the IndusInd Bank comes with many exclusive advantages. These include welcome benefits, reward points, discounts and more. Plus, you can redeem rewards points for exciting cashback and gifts. 

Choose from a wide range of cards according to your lifestyle. So, make it a habit to spend smart and apply for a debit card online now.

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How to Choose the Right IndusInd Bank Debit Card for You in Easy Steps

Debit cards are a necessity in this digital age. Owing to their wide acceptance, you no longer need to...

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