EntertainmentLesser-Known Interesting Facts About Carrie Fisher

Lesser-Known Interesting Facts About Carrie Fisher


Carrie Fisher was an American actress, activist, philanthropist, author, and mother who faced a lot of ups and downs in her life. She is no longer with us, but her heritage lives on. She was a lady of enormous talent. Apart from being a wonderful actress, she is an advocate, writer, and parent. She made her debut at a very young age in 1973 in the musical Irene along with her mother. She was a delicate woman. She will be cherished for her character in the Star Wars series as Princess Leia. At the age of 60, she died from cardiac arrest while she was traveling from London to Los Angeles on 7 Dec 2016. She survived a long and fascinating life.

Here you will come to know the basic facts about Carrie Fisher:-

1. Family background: Carrie was born to actress Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher. Debbie Reynolds was a singer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and actress. Eddie Fisher was a TV show host and a musician. Born to the family of highly talented people, talent was in her bones.

2. Her Debut: Her first film was as Lorna in Shampoo which was a romantic comedy

3. College Dropout: She wished to pursue a career in Hollywood movies, so she quickly dropped out of her college, Sarah Lawrence.

Carrie Fisher kissing

4. Author: Apart from being a scriptwriter and actress, she was an author also. She published a novel Postcards from the Edge, which was about a young actress. The novel which was set in Hollywood was adapted into a film. The novel was a semi-autobiographical. 

5. Motherhood: Billie Lourd, her only child and also an actress has appeared in American Horror Story and Scream Queens. Billie’s father was a talent agent. Though Fisher was not married to Billie’s father but they were in a relationship from 1991-1994. 

6. Drug addicted: At the age of 24, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The disorder led to alcohol and drug addiction. Due to the overdose, she had to go to the rehabilitation center.

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7. Her Therapy Canine: Her French bulldog Gary Fisher was her healing canine. She found Gary in New York. Until her death in 2016, Gary was by her side and Fisher took her everywhere even at her press conference. Gary has a number of followers on Instagram and Twitter. 

8. Her Affair: She had an affair with Harrison Ford, which persisted for three months. He played the role of Han Solo in Star Wars. There was a huge age difference between them he was married and had two children. Fisher revealed that her beloved moments on set were the scenes where the couple disputed. 

9. A real hero: She helped many HIV and AIDS charities with her wealth and power. She well portrayed the role of a public figure. The Last Song

10. Recognizable buns: Her buns were noticeable throughout the world. She claimed that her hairstyle takes two hours to complete, and make her face to appear very wide.

Carrie Fisher look on star war episode release

11. The pressure to lose weight: For her role in Star Wars, Carrie Fisher was pressurized to lose a little weight. The director asked her to visit a specialized camp to lose some weights. She explained to her followers that appearance and weight is the only element that matters in this business. 

12. Cause of death: Carrie’s autopsy report revealed several illicit drugs in her system. The cause of her death is breathing stoppage and fatty membrane building in her veins. 

13. Proposal: On the set of The Blues Brothers she received a marriage proposal from Dan Aykroyd. She later left him for Paul Simon. After several years of dating to Paul Simon, she got married to him in 1983. But their marriage lasted only for a year. The song “Hearts and Bones” sung by Paul Simon is about their relationship.

14. Script Doctor: Apart from being good in front of the camera, when her career was on top she also worked as a script doctor for The Wedding Singer, The River Wild, Lethal Weapon 3, Young Indiana Jones, Sister Act, and Hook. The comedy film These Old Broads was co-written and co-produced by her. The film featured Joan Collins, Elizabeth Taylor, and Shirley MacLaine alongside her mother Debbie Reynolds. She was honored with the Women of Vision Award. 

15. Fear of Flop: She initially feared that Star Wars Would Flop. She assumed it a B grade and a cheesy movie. These statements were revealed by her brother Todd. However, the movie was highly successful and she was proven wrong. 

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