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Top Female Superheroes And Their Lesser-known Interesting Facts


If you are a ninety’s kid, you must have read comics and that may have introduced superheroes to you. If you were not interested in comics, movies definitely would have been your choice. All we want to say that superheroes are not a new discovery. However, female superheroes are still not there in everyone’s mind. Here, we are going to discuss some very popular female superheroes and lesser-known interesting facts about them. 

1. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is probably one of the most popular female superheroes of all times. Once, Wonder Woman has overpowered Supergirl who is considered even more powerful than Superman. The silver bracelets of Wonder Woman are made from Zeus’s shield. These silver bracelets are unbreakable. The tiara that Wonder Woman wears is so sharp than she once cut Superman with it. Also, it’s an interesting point that she was created out of clay. Moreover, she has also dated Superman. She is the first mainstream female superhero. 

2. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel or Carol Danvers is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Comic Universe. There are a lot of things that very few people know about Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers is a very efficient melee fighter and that is not just it, she is also a brilliant spy as well. The major power of Captain Marvel that most people know about is that she can absorb energy and redistribute it as a sonic blast but very few people know that she can absorb magic-based energy too and by absorbing energy she can possibly act like a nuclear bomb. 

Female Superheroes - Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel source

3. She-Hulk

She-Hulk was introduced as the female version of the Hulk but with the passage of time she has grown into a full-fledged character of her own. Hulk’s power is triggered by rage and anger but such is not the case with She-Hulk. Although her powers are not activated by rage, she gets more powerful when she gets angrier. The feature that separates She-Hulk from the Hulk is that although in her angry avatar she has the abilities and powers of the Hulk, apart from that she also retains her intelligence and emotions from the normal human state. In real life she is the cousin of Bruce Banner and works as a lawyer for superheroes

4. Supergirl 

Don’t go by her name, this cousin of Superman is way more powerful than Superman himself and she has beaten him on more than one occasions. She shares the powers as well as vulnerabilities of Superman. She once sold the technology of Kryptonians to Batman and from the money that she got, she bought her first apartment. One of the most interesting powers of Supergirl is that she can see other people’s DNA. The powers and abilities of Supergirl are increased many folds after continued exposure to the yellow sun. Apart from all this, she has also worn a red lantern ring once and that doubled her powers. 

5. Storm

A storm is one of the most popular X men characters. Storm’s mother was a princess of a tribe in Africa. She has inherited the leadership qualities of her mother. She won the title of the leader of Morlocks by defeating Callisto in a hand to hand combat. A lesser-known fact about Storm is that she introduced the Gambit into X men. Another very interesting fact about Storm is that she got married to T’Challa, popularly known as the Black Panther and became the queen of the African nation of Wakanda. A storm is also known to be a very good friend of Jean Grey. One of the lesser-known abilities of Storm is that she can breathe underwater. 

6. Scarlett Witch ( Wanda Maximoff )

Wanda Maximoff or popularly known as Scarlett Witch is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Comicverse. She started as a supervillain in the comics but soon turned into a Superhero. She wasn’t born with her superpowers but was taught about them. She was taught about her superpowers by sorcerers and sorceresses like Chthon and Agatha. One of the most absurd facts about Scarlett witch is that she was once raised by a cow. She is so powerful that once she wiped out the entire mutant kind with just three words. Many people think that she is a mutant but her powers are a result of genetic experiments. 

We hope that we did justice to all the female superheroes fan in our article. Those who didn’t know about them in detail would be able to grasp a lot of information from these points. 

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