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4 Reasons To Go For Silver Rakhis Over Regular Ones This Year


Silver, like gold, is a precious metal. It is considered to be a pious metal that symbolizes prosperity and wealth. It is not only known to bring luck but is also known to protect anyone who wears it from all the evil and negative powers in the world.

As soon as August begins, the preparation for Raksha Bandhan also begins. One of the most awaited festivals amongst the Hindus, this day is dedicated to the unbreakable bond between siblings. On this day, sisters tie a rakhi on the wrist of their brothers, who promise to protect them forever from every obstacle in life.

Make this auspicious festival that celebrates the purest relationship between siblings remarkable by tying a pure silver rakhi on their wrist and blessing them with all the luck in the universe.


To help you celebrate this festival of promise and unconditional love with sheer perfection, we have handpicked a few sumptuous silver rakhis that are a masterpiece and will definitely add a hint of grandeur to your rakhi celebrations:

Bless Them With Luck And Charm

Silver Rakhi by Tanishq

A combination of fine craftsmanship and intricate design, this silver rakhi is a masterpiece. Inspired by a tiger claw that symbolizes strength, wisdom, and eternity, you can shop this modish silver rakhi bracelet for your sibling and let them know how special they are to you. Loaded with traditional values and a high style quotient, this enigmatic rakhi bracelet is sure to stay with your brother as a keepsake or a fashion accessory for a lifetime. So why wait? Compare the silver rakhi price available online and shop for the most exquisite one for your loving brother now!


For The Best Sibling That They Are

pandent silver rakhi by tanishq

Add a little edge to your rakhi celebrations this year by shopping for this beautiful pure silver rakhi from brands like Mia by Tanishq. This sophisticated hexagonal rakhi with ‘bhai’ carved in pure silver is available at a reasonable silver rakhi price. A special way to tell your brother that he means the world to you, this rakhi is a true example of distinctive silverwork that will always remind him of his brotherly duties and his sister’s smile!

Something Special For Your Queen Sister

order silver rakhi

A chic rakhi bracelet for your sweet sister, who has always been there for you. Since childhood, she has always stood strong like a pillar for you to lean on. She has always been by your side, like a true best friend during all your highs and lows. This Raksha Bandhan make her feel special by gifting this ‘queen’ engraved rakhi bracelet that is beautifully carved out of pure silver for all the queen sisters who never let you feel like you’re alone!
You can shop for unique silver rakhis and compare silver rakhi prices online to find the best one!

Take A Look Back!

best silver rakhi by tanishq

Do you remember the days when you and your brother use to make paper boats on a rainy day and make those tiny boats float away on the streets? Well, this unique, minimalistic rakhi is nostalgia molded into a rakhi bracelet. A cute envelope inspired by Origami, a paper folding technique that was a major part of everyone’s childhood!


Today the scope of shopping has been expanded with the help of the internet, and you can browse through thousands of rakhis online. Although silver rakhi prices may vary from brand to brand, the only thing that you need to ensure is that you opt for known and reputed brands that will provide you with authentic silver rakhis regardless. One such brand is Mia, which offers unique and contemporary rakhis sculpted out of pure silver to strengthen your sibling bond like no other.

So, go ahead and shop for rakhis at affordable silver rakhi prices that meet your budget and values at the same time!

Trisha Oberoi
Trisha Oberoi
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