13 Ways For Students To Make Easy Money In Spare Time

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Be a freelance writer

how to become freelancer

Got some killer writing skill? Well, Put that into work and earn income. You can look for internships as websites are always in search of writers who can provide them engaging content. Some of such sites are Internshala, lets intern etc.


Sell your notes


A lot of effort goes into making notes which just conveys everything is simplest way possible and you know what there are many students who are looking for such notes or may be are just too lazy to make notes. So go ahead and earn something out of your efforts put into making notes. Turn their laziness into your source of income.



participate competition to earn money

There are various competitions happening around. Just search for the competitions of your choice and interest and you might end up winning prizes. Nothing better than cash prizes but even if you end up winning goodies you don’t really need, just sell them for cash.


Mystery shopping

mystery shopping to earn money

Now this is an interesting one, mystery shopping means nothing but being a secret shopper for companies. Mystery shoppers are hired by companies to check how well is the service and consumer relation maintained by their branches. Imagine going eating food for free and getting paid for it as well just for your review.


Be an extra

become extra to earn money


Extra refers to junior artist needed in films and plays. All it requires is your presence and may be a few hours. You get paid just for showing up at location. There are various agencies which are into business of providing extras. Check them out and register.


Sell your old CDs and video games

sell your video games playstation

Got bored of your video games and CDs? Sell them off and make some money. People always want to try out different games at lower cost. This will also clear out space at your house.

Be a Youtuber

becoe a youtuber to earn money

Youtubers are earning very well these days. There exist many people who are full time youtubers. Just start a channel of your interest and passion share knowledge and get paid on basis of views. One thing is to be noted that a channel may take time to flourish and get subscribers but hey! Good work never goes unnoticed.


Sell old  used course books


Well this is a very common one and we all do this but instead of selling it as a scrap in kilos sell it to junior students you will end up making more money for same books.


Sell your PowerPoint presentations

sell power point presentation

These days we have presentations as a part of our classroom activity in colleges. After we are done with giving presentation in class those PPTs just sit there in our computers occupying space. These PPTs can be uploaded on sites like slide share etc and good amount can be received.


Data entry job

data entry jobs to earn money

This is for people who have good typing skill. One does not really need to use a lot of their brain as information to be entered in computer is already provided. Information is just to be fed in computers.


Be a tutor

become a tutor to earn money

Like teaching? Be a tutor and earn income by giving gift of education to the ones in need. What better than this? Social work and happy pockets at the same time.


Part time delivery man

become a delivery man to earn money

This is for people who like biking around. Be a delivery man for businesses and earn while enjoying biking. Voila! Money and entertainment at the same time.


Be a Baby sitter and dog sitter

beome a baby sitter to earn money

Baby sitter is nothing but taking care of kids when parents are not at home. This is easiest job as all this needs is ability to keep the child engaged. While the kid is busy you can carry on your routine work but safety of kid is to be ensured at all times after all you have someone’s apple of eye in your custody. If babies are not your thing then may be dogs are.

Along with that you can become a reviewer for online e commerce portals and restaurants. Restaurant can offer you free food for review or they can pay you cash. Also if you spend good time in social media you can also become a social media influencer you must have good following.