PeopleMeet Vanessa Nadal Wife Of Lin-Manuel Miranda

Meet Vanessa Nadal Wife Of Lin-Manuel Miranda


Call it the fate of co-incident the creator of Hamilton and In The Heights Lin-Manuel Miranda was a senior of Vanessa Nadal in the high school. They both have confessed that Lin-Manuel Miranda was a senior in high school when Vanessa Nadal was a sophomore.
After graduation, both parted ways. Miranda headed to Wesleyan University and Vanessa pursued a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from MIT. She even worked at Johnson & Johnson developing anti-aging products. Later, she switched paths to attend Fordham University pursuing Law. Her LinkedIn profile says she had practiced law at Jones Day Law Firm till 2016.

In their interviews, they recalled the moment when Miranda found Vanessa’s Facebook profile in the summer of 2005. It was the time when Vanessa used to work at Johnson & Johnson. Miranda invited Vanessa for the Freestyle Love Supreme show. To Miranda’s surprise, Vanessa showed up and later joined him and his friends for drinks too.

Vanessa recalled thinking that he was not interested in me. However, Miranda replied that she was not paying attention otherwise she would know.


Miranda and Vanessa began dating

Vanessa Nadal Wife Of Lin-Manuel Miranda

Miranda and Vanessa went to the same high school but didn’t get to know each other. They met again on the Freestyle Love Supreme and didn’t interact much. However, Miranda did call Vanessa and invited her to another show after a couple of weeks.

They went out to other shows again and again. Miranda was very impressed with the fact that she wasn’t intimidating. One day after everyone left, Miranda made his intentions clear stating that he wanted her to come over to his house and play games, watch movies, and listen to music.

By the end of next weekend, they made their relationship official and exchanged keys to their apartments. Vanessa revealed that Miranda introduced her to every important person in his life and they all liked me.

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Miranda publicly thanked Vanessa at the Tony Awards

Vanessa Nadal Wife Of Lin-Manuel Miranda

Miranda won his first Tony Award for Best Musical hit In The Heights. In his acceptance speech, he thanked Vanessa too. He thanked Vanessa for loving him when he was broke and making him breakfast. Later, he cleared that the breakfast part was an ode to the fact that Vanessa used to make him breakfast every morning when they started dating.
At the 2016 Tonys, Miranda won the award in the Best Original Score category for Hamilton. It was different from the freestyle rapping. This time, he wrote a sonnet that starts with a heart-whelming line.

He mentioned that his wife Vanessa is the reason for everything in his life. Praising Vanessa, he added that she is a perfect symphony of one and their son is her most beautiful reprise.


Miranda and Vanessa got married and live happily ever after

Miranda got married to Vanessa on September 5, 2010. The nuptial ceremony was held at Staatsburg, New York, and a chorus of Broadway singers sang at the ceremony. The reception was an amazing event that includes the performance of ‘To Life’ on the rooftop with all the families and friends.

In November 2014, Vanessa and Miranda became parents of their first son, Sebastian. Miranda is also tight-lipped about his son and personal life in media. Years later, Miranda thanked his fans for showing concerns about his children’s privacy.

In 2018, the couple welcomed their second son, Francisco, on February 2, 2018. Since both, the couple is not very active on social media now. Miranda sometimes posts their family photos on Twitter.

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Miranda Got A Tattoo In His Wife’s Honor

Vanessa Nadal Wife Of Lin-Manuel Miranda

lin manuel miranda tattoo for wife

To celebrate the 7 years of marriage, Miranda got a tattoo on his ring finger. It is the initial ‘V’ stand of Vanessa. He shared the news via his official Twitter account with a caption, “In other news, I got a permanent parking spot for V over the weekend.”
Vanessa taught a class at Fordham Law about the beauty industry.

Vanessa is now an adjunct professor at Fordham Law School. She is experienced in health, environmental, cosmetics, and intellectual property law. She co-created the law schools first-class on cosmetic regulations. The class’s stimulating summary starts with the line ‘Do you know what you are slathering on yourself when you shower? Do your government?”
The course is still available and helps many students to get insights into cosmetic regulations. The course covers governmental, societal, and industrial regulations of cosmetics and other personal care products. She is also contributing with a textbook on fashion law.


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