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Cool Finger Tattoos for Men – Finger Tattoo Design for Guys


Irrespective of the complex or simple tattoo artwork, finger tattoos are quite creative. Little you know that finger tattoos are very painful as fingers have many nerve endings. Also, inking fingers can be tough work, given the limited and narrow space.

On top of that, finger tattoos fade quickly too as these are in contact and exposure. Even though finger tattoos are cool and make a statement, these are often viewed as job stoppers and unprofessional.

Since fingers aren’t the body parts that you can hide easily, you need to give some serious consideration before tattooing your fingers. You can have plenty of ideas for finger tattoos such as symbols, black ink lettering, matching tattoo, and more.

1. Extended Finger Tattoos

Extended Finger Tattoos for men

Extended finger tattoos are more detailed and intricate as they spread all over the hand to create a massive and dynamic tattoo artwork. Tattooing fingers in the extended finger tattoos is simply the use of space to create a combined big artwork instead of separate pieces.

2. Symbol Finger Tattoos

symbolic Finger Tattoos men

Small symbols can be a good idea to get the finger tattoo done. Fingers have limited space and probably the toughest part to getting the tattoo. Another good thing about small symbols is that they don’t require complex details, shading, or white ink accents.
Such tattoos are ideal as they won’t cause difficulty to tattoo artists while navigating during your finger inking session. Small symbols such as knives and eyes are quite appealing as tiny tattoos on fingers.

3. Nautical Finger Tattoos

Nautical Finger Tattoos

Nautical finger tattoos such as anchors, nautical stars, and ships were once reserved for criminals, circus performers, and sailors only. All these nautical finger tattoos are a big part of the tattoo design these days, especially in the old-school American style. You can ink cool nautical finger tattoos such as ropes, ships, and anchors.


4. Simple Finger Tattoos for Men


Simple Finger Tattoo for men


5. Lettered Finger Tattoo Ideas for Guys

Letter Finger Tattoo for men
Letter Finger Tattoo Ideas Men


6. Big Finger Tattoos

Beastly Finger Tattoos for men
Beastly Finger Tattoos men


7. Skull Small Finger Tattoo

Skull Small Finger Tattoo men


8. Clever Finger Tattoos

Clever Finger Tattoos for men


9. Side Finger Tattoo

Side Finger Tattoo for men and women



small finger tattoos for men


Do finger tattoos last?

Because of how much you use your hands and the density of finger skin, a finger tat is subject to fading at a much faster rate than something like a back tattoo design.
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