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17 Meaningful Tattoos for Men


Men wear tattoos for various reasons that range from looking stylish to showing off their bodies or showing their feelings for someone. Since tattoos are now a common way to express emotions and personality via body art, men usually look for meaningful tattoos. It has been seen that men often get tattooed with messages and images that define meaning and logic.

Meaningful tattoos have thoughtful elements that enhance the beauty and meaning of the tattoo. Also, getting a meaningful tattoo inked in the text would convey the message stronger than the same message tattooed in images. Thus, using quotes from famous personalities such as writers, leaders, singers, or just anyone who has inspired your life can make a good meaningful tattoo.

You should pick the body part that is more visible to people to get the meaningful tattoo inked. Your meaningful tattoo can be the name of your mother or loved ones.


Creative And Simple Meaningful Tattoo Ideas

Getting a tattoo on your body is one of the most meaningful personal decisions in your life. We suggest you to look out for the best creative meaningful tattoo ideas instead of rushing to your nearby tattoo parlor.

You need to ask some common questions before getting your consequential tattoo artwork. Questions such as what the tattoo means today? What has it meant in the past? Will the tattoo be relevant in the future? And most importantly what does the tattoo mean to you?
There are plenty of options in symbolic tattoo ideas. You can pick a design that symbolizes ancient religion, wild history, myths, and even pop culture references that are significant and inspirational to many people.

Make sure that the size of your tattoo perfectly blends with the body part you are getting tattooed. For example, if you want to tattoo your chest or back, pick a large tattoo artwork. If you want to tattoo your wrist or fingers, pick a small tattoo design.


Here are some popular tattoos with meaning for men:-


1. Anchor Tattoo for Men with Meaning

Anchor Tattoo meaning

Anchor Tattoo is a symbol of strength, stability, and loyalty, it is not hard to see why it is such a popular image. The anchor can be also used as a religious symbol, a sign of the wearer’s strength in their chosen faith, or simply as a reminder to always remain grounded, no matter how stormy life may become.

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2. Angel Tattoo for men and its meaning

Angel Tattoo - meaningful tattoos for men

Angels represent everything that we cannot attain as mortal beings. Typically, angels are thought of as messengers between humankind and the gods, or as beings who act as our protectors or guardians. Angels can also be represented as a symbol of faith, especially in cultures where Christianity is the dominant religion. In many cultures, people get an angel when losing a loved one. This “angel” will always stay there, protecting them from above.


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3. Arrow Tattoo and Its meaning

Arrow Tattoo - meaningful tattoos for men

For the Native Americans, the arrow was an element key to their culture, as it was basically one of their main tools to protect and provide, and it was very important for their survival. The arrow was also a symbol of war as well as peace. Another meaning within Native American cultures is the sign of two crossed arrows as a symbol of alliance, while an arrow broken in two is a sign of peace. In other cultures, the arrows are also often seen as a representation of passion, affection, or love. For some people, arrow tattoos symbolize the strength to find your way in life.


4. Bird Tattoos and Its Meaning

Bird Tattoos meaning

For some people, birds are seen as a symbol of liberation from a traumatic experience or overcoming a situation that has oppressed them.

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5. Butterfly Tattoo and Its meaning

Butterfly Tattoo meaning

The ancient Greeks believed that butterflies were an earthly representation of the soul.

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6. Compass Tattoo and its meaning

Compass Tattoo meaning

Sailors would often get a tattoo of a compass for these very reasons, a token of good luck and protection.

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7. Eagle Tattoo and its meaning

Eagle Tattoo - meaningful tattoos for men

Eagles are a universal symbol of wisdom, power, and spiritual health. This is why you will see the symbol of an eagle throughout many different cultures and time periods.

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8. Hold Fast Tattoo Meaning

Hold Fast Tattoo meaning

“Hold fast” tattoos help people remind themselves of their inner strength and resilience during challenging moments in their life. It is a reminder that you can hold fast to life.

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9. Infinity Symbol Tattoo Meaning

Infinity Symbol Tattoo meaning

The infinity symbol has no end and wraps around in a continuous loop. In short, this image shows the journey of our lives and the limitless possibilities that are out there for us.


10. Lotus Flower Tattoo & Its Meaning

Lotus Flower Tattoo - meaningful tattoos for men

In Buddhism, the lotus symbolizes purity of the body, mind, and spirit, floating on the muddy waters of attachment and desire.


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11. Mandala Tattoo & Its Meaning

Mandala Tattoo meaning

In many religions, a mandala is used as a meditation aid, as a way of focusing the mind. Many see the mandala as not only a reflection of the universe but also as a symbol of the self and its place in the order of things.


12. Sword Tattoo Meaning

Sword Tattoo meaning

As a weapon that has been used by warriors for thousands of years, sword tattoo is associated with honor, freedom, power, and strength.


13. Tiger Tattoo Meaning

Tiger Tattoo Meaning

For many, tiger tattoos symbolize raw power and strength. For others, the apex predator is seen as representing freedom and independence.


14. Tree of Life Tattoo Meaning

Tree-of-Life-Tattoo meaning

It symbolizes personal growth, development, strength, as well as inner and outer beauty! It can mean different things to different people, but it is a gorgeous design that anyone can go with.


15. Turtle Tattoo Meaning

Turtle Tattoo - meaningful tattoos for men

Turtle tattoos can symbolize almost anything you want them to — from immortality and protection to gracefulness and patience. Native Americans of different cultural traditions also ascribe mythical creation power to the turtle.

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16. Watch Tattoo Meaning

watch-tattoo meaning

Any watch tattoo usually symbolizes the significance of time. However, a pocket watch tattoo can signify love at the moment, especially for someone who is ill, passing away, or for something that feels temporary. This timepiece tattoo can stand for love & any living elements, especially once decorated with flowers & roses in particular!


17. Yin Yang Tattoo Meaning

Yin Yang Tattoo meaning

When used to represent human nature, the yin yang is a reminder that we all have good and bad qualities. No one is purely evil, and no one is a complete saint. To find happiness, we must strive to balance the good and the bad qualities within us.


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