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37 Small Tattoos for Men, Best Designs & Unique Ideas


Small tattoos can be a good option for people who are just starting out and considering getting a tattoo. A small stand-alone tattoo can be wonderful for people who often opt for a sleeve. Generally, people love to get small tattoos on their body parts compared to getting the whole body inked.

Small Tattoos for guys are quite tasteful and do no harm to the professionals at their workplace. Simple and small tattoos have become immensely popular in recent years.

Once you have made up your mind to get a small tattoo, you face the real challenge. You need to pick the tattoo design from thousands of small, simple tattoo ideas. Furthermore, you can even customize your small tattoos based on your likings. You need to make sure that your tattoo design will be inspirational and meaningful.


Best Small and Simple Tattoo Ideas For Men

Small tattoos for men are underappreciated. There are many reasons a man would opt for small tattoos.

Small tattoos are more tasteful. Simple tattoos are more artistic as it requires creativity to represent ideas, philosophies, and symbols. Small designs on your wrist, forearm, finger, hand look cooler compared to big tattoos on the back, arm, or chest.

Another big advantage of having small tattoos for men is to option to either reveal it or cover it. Business professionals enjoy the privacy small tattoos offer when they don’t want to look odd.

Small tattoos are often the first choice for men when they decide to ink their bodies. A good and easy small tattoo design encourages beginners to get comfortable with the idea of having tattoos and the healing process.

Also, a small tattoo of your girlfriend’s name or a matching couple tattoo won’t itch you much if things don’t work out.


Here are some tiny & small tattoo designs for Men:



adventure small tattoos for men


2. Anchor tattoo for men

anchor small tattoos for men


3. Small arrow tattoo on leg

arrow small tattoos for men



badass small tattoos for men


5. Small Cross tattoo behind the ear

cross behind ear small tattoo for men


6. Small cross tattoo on neck

cross small tattoos for men


7. Small Date tattoo

date small tattoos for men

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8. Fire tattoo on thumb

fire small tattoos for men


9. King of Harts tattoo on forearm

king small tattoos for men


10. Small couple tattoo

meaningful small tattoos for men


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