NewsWhy “Gorgeous Gorgeous Girls” Are Trending On TikTok

Why “Gorgeous Gorgeous Girls” Are Trending On TikTok


The high of Hot Girl Summer (and Shot Girl Summer) has come and gone. Your fall photo dumps have been published, feminine urges fulfilled, and autumn attire retired. How does a hot girl show off her inner hot girl when the weather gets cold? Well, one TikTok trend has arrived with a movement for hot girls that can happen any time, anywhere. Enter: the gorgeous gorgeous girl. With the absurdist rallying cry, “Gorgeous gorgeous girls love soup,” a hot girl revolution has begun on the For You page. Gorgeous gorgeous girls can do pretty much anything they want, so long as they can rhyme it. Gorgeous gorgeous girls eat pickles as a snack. Wear balaclavas. Get their booster shots. The possibilities are endless.








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