Lifestyle28 Cool Shoulder Tattoos for Men

28 Cool Shoulder Tattoos for Men


The shoulder is a pretty popular place for men to get a tattoo. It is probably because the shoulder is associated with power and strength. You can find plenty of traditional as well as new exciting tattoo artwork for shoulder tattoos. A meaningful tattoo on the man’s shoulder looks badass and great if done right.

It has been seen that the best shoulder tattoos can be stylish, meaningful, and awesome at the same time. Shoulder tattoos look masculine and bring out the badass look if spread over arms, chest, and back.

Since shoulder tattoos are popular, you can pick the best one for yourself from thousands of cool shoulder tattoo ideas.


Unique Shoulder Tattoos Ideas For Men

There are many unique shoulder tattoo ideas for men planning to get their first tattoo. A shoulder tattoo that extends from the deltoid to the trap on either side looks cool. Also, the shoulder provides a large canvas space so that you can go with the rich tattoo design.
A tattoo enthusiast may choose to have multiple shoulder tattoos to form a big artwork. You may also see that different shoulder tattoos for men feature different shapes, styles, colors, and sizes.

People who decided to get their first shoulder tattoo; should pick a small size that can be covered easily. With a small shoulder tattoo, you can further extend it into a big artwork. Also, we advise people to know about the tattoo healing process, especially if they are first-timers.

Some of the popular shoulder tattoos ideas include 3D tattoos, tribal designs, words, names, dragons, wings, armor, skulls, and geometric shapes. The shoulder is an excellent place to get a tattoo to look cool or have something meaningful.

You always have the option to extend the tattoo design by connecting it around the chest or back.


Here are some cool designs of shoulder tattoos for Men:-


angel shoulder tattoos for men



antique shoulder tattoos for guys


3. Warrior – Shoulder Tattoo for guys

antique shoulder tattoos for men


4. Armour design shoulder tattoo for men

Badass shoulder tattoos for men



best shoulder tattoos for men


6. Tribal Shoulder Tattoo

best tribal shoulder tattoos for men



bird shoulder tattoos for men


8. This compass shoulder tattoo looks cool on guys

compass shoulder tattoos for men


9. Tribal Shoulder Tattoo for guys

cool tribal shoulder tattoos for men



danger shoulder tattoos for men



dragon shoulder tattoos for men



full arm shoulder tattoos for men



half sleeve shoulder tattoos for men



lion shoulder tattoos for guys


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