SportsThe Top Animal-Themed Games to Play in 2023

The Top Animal-Themed Games to Play in 2023


Thanks to the seemingly never-ending progress that is being made in this technology-based world, gaming is better than ever. Nowadays, people everywhere can play a selection of games on a variety of different gaming platforms. They’re excellent, too.

In the modern environment, there is something for everyone also. For example, sports fans have a range of titles that are dedicated to specific sports, be it soccer or basketball games. Even movie lovers can play games that have been developed off the back of a Hollywood hit, while action lovers can channel their inner soldier as they sample an array of battle royale masterpieces. Animal lovers have a range of animal-themed products that are accessible on a variety of gaming platforms, too. In fact, animal-themed games are some of the most popular and the most entertaining titles to play right now. Let’s take a look at some of them below.


Untitled Goose Game is extremely funny

Offering plenty of comical value, Untitled Goose Game has been keeping gamers entertained on a wide selection of devices for a good while now. The 2019 puzzle stealth release allows players to control a goose that is wreaking havoc in a small and peaceful English village. Essentially, the aim of the game is to be as big of a nuisance as you possibly can be, all while hoping to manipulate objects using the powers of your goose and having to complete a selection of fun tasks. Simply put, there isn’t another title like Untitled Goose Game.


Stray is a big hit with PlayStation 5 gamers

Ever wondered what it’d be like being a lost cat wandering the streets in a cyberpunk land? Chances are, you probably haven’t, but that doesn’t mean that Stray isn’t a really good game. A popular product on the PlayStation 5 right now, players have to navigate their way through a city that is filled with robots, machines, and mutant bacteria, all while completing a variety of quests and learning about the in-game environment as you hope to get your feline friend safely home.


Anaconda Wild 2 is based on the large snake

Accessible on PC, tablet, and smartphone devices, browser games represent an enticing gaming adventure to go on. For many people, online casinos serve up the very best browser game products, with slot titles like Anaconda Wild 2 standing out at the moment. A slot product that is based on the large South American snake, its Mayan theme provides a boost of colour, as well as pyramids and the features of a jungle. While the visuals are appealing, there is plenty of fun to be had on this 6 reel, 4 row machine that offers 50 paylines, especially as you nod along to the game’s drum-heavy soundtrack.


Pull off some epic tricks in SkateBIRD

SkateBIRD animal-themed games to play in 2023

We’ve already had a cheeky goose, a lost cat, and a dangerous South American snake, so why not have a skateboarding bird, too? That’s exactly what’s on offer in SkateBIRD, a game that is firmly about skateboarding birds as players aim to pull off some killer tricks and make friends along their skating journey. Accessible on Steam, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch at the time of writing, SkateBIRD is a truly fun game to play for a good few hours at a time.


Nintendogs is a pet simulation masterpiece

A game being explored by Nintendo DS and 3DS gamers, Nintendogs is one of the most accurate, and therefore highly satisfying, pet simulation games you can possibly play. Once you’ve chosen your desired breed of dog, you’re then tasked with looking after it in the virtual world. It’s that simple.

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