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Tattoo Ideas with Hidden Meanings


It is a huge decision when it comes to getting a tattoo. Getting inked permanently is like committing to a design on your body for the rest of your life and hence when it comes to deciding that one tattoo design, it is a lot of hard work, using resources, going through a lot of suggestions and finally coming up with the one. To make that process a bit simpler, we have come up with some tattoo ideas that are simple and cute but also have very deep and meaningful messages hidden in them.


So, here we are with 15 meaningful tattoo ideas for you to take into consideration when deciding you perfect one.

1. Alchemy Symbols

If you have ever felt the connection with the earthly elements, this tattoo is for you. Without being too showy or bold, you can have all the powerful elements right on your wrist or arm.

Tattoos with hidden meaning


2. Semicolon

A very powerful tattoo, a semicolon means that your story could have ended but you chose to live past it and come out as the person who you are right now. It stands for overcoming and awareness of mental illness and has become a big movement.

Tattoos with hidden meaning


3. Roman Numerals

If you have a date or a number that is very close to you, it is better to opt for Roman numerals. The font gives a very neat and organized feel and also connects you to an ancient numbering practice.

Tattoos with hidden meaning

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4. Ampersand

Ampersand is another design that has immense meaning. It represents a broken infinity and tells you that nothing lasts for eternity, neither bad nor good and that there is always an ‘And’.

Tattoos with hidden meaning


5. Heartbeat

This design is not just a representation of your heartbeat or pulse, it has a deeper meaning that is, it signifies life and teaches you to celebrate it.

Tattoos with hidden meaning


6. C’est la vie

The French phrase that translates to “That’s life”. The beauty of this phrase is that it means different to different people and the meaning can also change according to your mood.

Tattoos with hidden meaning


7. Lotus

People generally don’t understand the past behind this beautiful bloom. Lotus grows in muddy water which can symbolize the tough circumstances and struggles in a person’s life and then succeeding.

Tattoos with hidden meaning


8. Arrow

Arrow represents a protection from every negative aspect in and around your life. It means that if something is pulling you back, you can always launch yourself to something better.

Tattoos with hidden meaning

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9. Sun

Having a sun on your skin can mean a lot of different and positive things. But instead of going for a detailed sun, you can always go for a basic sun design. It can mean happiness, simplicity and even creation.

Tattoos with hidden meaning


10. Makhtoob

An Urdu phrase for “It is written”. Whenever you find yourself stuck in a situation or are not liking an aspect of your life, this phrase helps you remember that it is all written and the bad phase will end shortly.

Tattoos with hidden meaning


11. Yin and Yang

This Chinese symbol has an amazing inner meaning. It represents that every good thing has some bad aspect in it and vice versa. This good and bad phase of life never lasts forever and it is just matter of time that you get out of one and enter the other.

Tattoos with hidden meaning


12. Laurel Wreath

The two branches that interlock in the laurel wreath represent great achievement and victory. Having this tattoo will always remind you of all your successes in your life.

Tattoos with hidden meaning

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13. DNA

Having a minimalist DNA strand holds a number of meanings. It tells you the complexity as well as the simplicity of life at the same time. Apart from this, it also represents that how we are made up of elements that were interiors of collapsing stars which is a powerful reminder that you are no less than a star.

Tattoos with hidden meaning


14. Inguz

This is a Viking symbol which means where there is a will, there is a way. This simple design can always remind you to go through your struggle as success is waiting on the other side.

Tattoos with hidden meaning


15. Triangle

A triangle symbolizes change and having a triangle on your body will remind you that it is the change that is constant and will help you find peace through that.

Tattoos with hidden meaning



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