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28 Meaningful Tattoos for Girls & Women


Getting a tattoo feels good if you love having ink designs on your body. But getting a meaningful tattoo makes you feel even better. A permanent tattoo will stay with you throughout your life. So, it makes sense to get a body tattoo that holds deep meaning for you. There is no single shoe that fits all when we talk about getting meaningful tattoo designs. Different people find different tattoo ideas meaningful. We have collected a wide range of top meaningful tattoos for girls. The list will help you select a tattoo idea that holds the most meaning for you.


Here are 28 meaningful tattoos for girls:-

1. Ladybug Tattoo

Ladybug-Tattoo-Meaningful tattoo ideas for girls

A ladybug tattoo is a symbol of good luck and wealth. The most common locations for getting a ladybug tattoo include the shoulder, finger, wrist, waist, and back.


2. Angel tattoo

Angel tattoo - meaning tattoo ideas for women

Angels guide humans and protect them from dark forces. They play significant roles in many faiths around the globe.


3. Heart Tattoo

Meaningful love tattoo for girls

The symbol of the heart represents love and attachment. It is often used in body tattoos, and paintings to convey the feeling of love.


4. Anchor Tattoo

Anchor Tattoo - Meaningful tattoos for girls

The anchor tattoo is a symbol of constancy and balance in life. Anchor is a very important part of the ship. It is used to hold a ship that is sailing through the sea.


5. Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo - Meaningful Tattoos for Girls

The butterfly tattoo signifies grace, transformation, and growth. A butterfly is an insect that transforms from being an ordinary caterpillar to becoming an elegant creature.


6. Arrow Tattoo

Arrow Tattoo - meaningful tattoos for women

Arrows tattoos represent the sharp focus that is needed for accomplishing any worthy goals.


7. Dove Tattoo

Dave Tattoo - Meaningful tattoos for girls

The dove is commonly seen as a symbol of victory, God’s will, love, and peace. Beginnings. Doves, as in the ones from the story of Noah and the Arc, represent fresh starts and new beginnings. A dove tattoo is a symbol of love and harmony.


8. Tribal Sun Tattoo

Tribal Sun Tattoo - Meaningful tattoos for women

Tribal sun Tattoos represent transformation, strength, and endurance. The tribal sun tattoo focuses on the partnership of life and the sun. It also represents leadership, strength, light, and creativity.


9. Lion Tattoo

lion-tattoo - Meaningful tattoos for women

Lions are the kings of the jungle. So it is not surprising that a lion tattoo is a symbol of strong will and courage.


10. Owl Tattoo

Owl Tattoo - Meaningful tattoos for women

An owl tattoo signifies wisdom. Many cultures around the globe consider owl related to knowledge. For instance, Native Americans regard the owl as the guardian of sacred knowledge.


11. Rabbit Tattoo

Rabbit Tattoo - meaningful tattoos for girls

Rabbit tattoos represent abundance and comfort. Rabbits have long been associated with spring and Easter as the Easter Bunny but are also loved by people for many of their symbolic meanings like fertility or rebirth, luck, prosperity, and wealth.


12. Foot Tattoo

A foot tattoo is a symbol of balance in life. Our bodies are supported by our feet. It provides balance and stability.


13. Coconut Tattoo

Coconut Tattoo - Meaningful tattoos for girls

Coconut tattoos signify protection. Coconut has a hard outer surface, but it is sweet and soft inside.


14. Infinity Tattoo

Infinity Tattoo - meaningful tattoos for girls

An infinity tattoo represents the limitless possibilities in life.


15. Diamond Tattoo

Diamond Tattoo - Meaningful tattoo for women

A diamond tattoo indicates strength and authority.


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16. Lotus Tattoo

Meaningful Lotus Tattoos for girls

A lotus tattoo signifies divine beauty and purity. Lotus is an important element in some religious beliefs. It grows in mud, yet it retains its purity. People often use lotus tattoos to represent their struggling period in life.


17. Snowflake Tattoo

Meaningful Snowflake Tattoos for girls

Snowflake tattoos represent stillness and calmness. Snowflakes fall without making any noise and they look beautiful.


18. Semicolon Tattoo ;

Semicolon Tattoos - Meaningful tattoos for girls

Semicolon tattoos represent awareness and the fight against mental illness.


19. Ampersand Tattoo

Ampersand Tattoo with meaning

An Ampersand Tattoo signifies a broken infinity. It is means nothing lasts forever. In other words, for better or worse, everything in the world comes to an end.


20. Inguz Tatto

Greek-Inguz-Symbol-Tattoo with meaning

Inguz is a Viking symbol that means, ‘where there is a will, there is a way.’


21. Chevron Tattoo

Chevron Tattoo - Meaningful tattoos for women

Chevron is also a Viking symbol. It means creating our own reality.


22. Delta Tattoo

Delta Tattoo - Meaningful tattoos for women

Delta tattoo might appear as a triangle, but it is actually a Greek symbol. It is used to represent change. You may get a delta tattoo on your body to remind yourself that everything in the world changes. In other words, change is the only constant.


23. The Zen Circle Tattoo

The Zen Circle Tattoo with meaning for women

A Zen circle tattoo is a symbol of enlightenment and inner strength. Zen circle is also known as Enso. People ink this tattoo on their bodies to get inspiration and inner strength in their hard times.


24. Feather Tattoo

Feather Tattoo - Meaningful tattoos for girls

A feather tattoo signifies freedom in life. People often ink feather tattoos on their bodies to show their free spirit. A feather tattoo shows that you want to be free as a bird.


25. Dolphin Tattoo

Dolphin Meaningful Tattoos for Women

A dolphin tattoo is a symbol of intelligence, goodwill, and friendship. Dolphins are very smart creatures. They are also famous for saving the lives of humans in the sea. They are one of the most sociable animals in the world.


26. Crown Tattoo

Crown Tattoo - Meaningful tattoos for women

A crown tattoo represents authority. Kings usually wear crowns and rule over other people. A crown gives an individual power to give other people orders.


27. Tiger Face Tattoo

Tiger Face Tattoo Meaningful tattoos for girls

Tiger face tattoos indicate enormous strength and authority. It is also a symbol of independence and free spirit. In the wilderness, tigers are the deadliest predators.


28. Palm Tree Tattoo for Girls

Coconut Tattoo - Meaningful tattoos for women

Palm tree tattoos symbolize immortality, but they can also symbolize eternity. Because of this, some people know it as the tree of life.


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