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21 Trending Beautiful Hand Tattoos for Women – Female Tattoo Ideas


Female hand tattoos are very common among young girls these days. If done right, hand tattoos can be quite elegant and charming. Tattoo for girls on hand can say a lot about their personality traits, as people like to ink things on their skins that hold deep meanings for them.


Though the practice of tattooing is popular nowadays, it goes back very far in time. Many cultures have long practiced tattooing to decorate the human body.


It is quite easy to see why many women opt for female hand tattoos. Tattoos for girls on hand are relatively easy to tend to and are significantly less painful than tattoos on other body parts. These qualities make hand tattoos for women a desirable tattoo choice.


In recent times, we have seen a big rise in the popularity of hand tattoos for women. The explanation of this is not very difficult to guess. Many famous celebs like Hailey Bieber and Rihanna have contributed to the popularity of female hand tattoos by choosing to ink elegant tattoos themselves.


Hand Tattoos for women are very visible and therefore difficult to hide at the workplace. This is perhaps the only disadvantage of having a visible hand tattoo. Though the social frown that the tattoos were once met with has considerably decreased over the years, many companies still look down on their employees if they have a hand tattoo.


So, if you love tattoos but feel that having a visible hand tattoo can create problems for you at the workplace, then instead of getting hand tattoos you should probably opt for some other spots for getting tattoos that you can easily cover whenever you desire.
However, if you love tattoos and think that they will not interfere at the workplace or, any other aspect of your life, then, by all means, you should get a charming hand tattoo.


Here are some amazing & beautiful hand tattoos for women/females:-

1. Small Motivational Hand Tattoos for Women

hand tattoos for female 3


2. Beautiful Butterfly Hand tattoos for girls

hand tattoos for females


3. Beautiful Bird Tattoo for Girls

hand tattoos for females


4. Heart Beat Han Tattoo for girls

hand tattoos for females


5. Small Hand Tattoo for women

hand tattoos for females


6. leaves tattoos for finger

hand tattoos for girls


7. Flying birds tattoos on hand

hand tattoos for girls


8. Sun & Moon tattoos are also best on hands

hand tattoos for girls


9. Word Mix Hand Tattoos for girls

hand tattoos for girls



hand tattoos for girls

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hand tattoos for women




hand tattoos for women



hand tattoos for women


14. Star tattoos for hands/fingers

hand tattoos for females



hand tattoos for females



hand tattoos for girls



hand tattoos for girls

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hand tattoos for girls



hand tattoos for women



hand tattoos for women


21. Butterfly hand tattoos for girls

hand tattoos for women

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22. Ring Tattoos for women

hand tattoos for women


23. Small Black Rose Hand Tattoo

hand tattoos ideas for girls


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