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31 Beautiful Tattoo Ideas for Women & Girls


Tattoos these days are a medium through which people express themselves. For some, the tattoo could be an escape from reality, while for others, it could be printing your soul on your body. Getting a permanent tattoo is quite painful, so there is a population that tends to stay away from it, which is completely okay, as it is your canvas. Sometimes the tattoo designs are personal to someone and have their own story behind them, and other times people just go for designs that just feel good to look at.


So, here we come up with 30+ Tattoos designs for Women & Girls looking for permanent Tattoos:-


1. Dandelion Tattoos Design

Dandelions Tattoos always look simple yet very beautiful for girls and women. The design of dandelion can be both, in black or colorful. You can even give some modifications to the dandelion, like them turning into birds, or feathers, or one dandelion giving rise to more of them.

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Tattoo Ideas for Girls


2. Flower(s) Tattoos

Flower tattoo designs are the most favorable tattoos for women & girls. Flowers are always pleasant to look at. It could be any flower that you like. The most common ones are roses, tulips, sunflowers, etc. The beauty of flower designs is no matter where you put them, these tattoo designs always look pretty and they just own that part of the body.

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Tattoo Ideas for Girls


3. Landscape Tattoos

Scenic beauty Tattoos for women are something that nothing can beat. It could just be a few hills and trees or a pleasant country scene or a scene from the fall season. It is even better if the tattoo has a bit of shading in it. The shading will make it more realistic and soothing to look at.

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Tattoo Ideas for Girls
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4. Tree(s) Tattoos Design

The tree in itself is a very beautiful tattoo design for women & girls. There are a number of choices that you have in terms of trees. It could either be one tree or many. It could be trees of one specific kind or a blend of two or three types. The most common tree that is inked is pine.

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Tattoo Ideas for Girls


5. Bird(s) Tattoos for Girls

Birds’ tattoo designs are again very simplistic but sometimes can carry deep meaning. For example, a flock of birds flying could mean freedom, or two love birds could be related to love, doves are the message for peace. And again, these tattoo designs can be inked anywhere and they still would look as lovely.

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Tattoo Ideas for Girls


6. Musical Notes Design Tattoos for Women

If you are really fond of music and your soul lies in there, then a tattoo of musical notes is perfect for you. These tattoo designs are very aesthetic and soothe the mind when being looked at. You can even get a bit creative and get a tattoo of the note of a phrase from your favorite song.

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Tattoo Ideas for Girls


7. Quote Tattoos for Women & Girls

These tattoos are always on trend and are a mirror to your soul. There are a number of ways in which you can get a quote tattoo. For example, it could just be a one-word quote like Love, Family, Faith, etc. or it could be a mixture of a tattoo and a design, it may even be an inspirational quote, or it could be a quote from your favorite author or your role model. In any way, the quote tattoos will always look beautiful.

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Tattoo Ideas for Girls


8. Other Script or Language Tattoos

This is another trend that can never get old for girls. Get a tattoo is some other language. It could be a quote, a name, or just one word that matters to you the most. And the beauty of this tattoo is that even if it is visible to everyone, only you know the meaning. The most common scripts are Chinese, Hindi, Arabic. And most common languages are French, Latin, etc.

Tattoo Ideas for Girls


9. Detailed Mandala Tattoos for Women & Girls

Mandala designs tattoos have always been known for their calming properties. These tattoo designs are always mesmerizing and soothing to look at. They are simple but at the same time very detailed too.

Tattoo Ideas for Girls


10. Star Shape or Constellation Tattoos for Women

These are other most common tattoo designs that girls like to get. A star or a collection of various stars looks very beautiful on the body. If you have knowledge of constellations, then you might even be knowing that these constellations would look amazing on your body. If you believe in astrology then you can even get the tattoo of the constellation that describes your sun or moon sign. The most common constellation that is inked is Orion, Cancer, etc.

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Tattoo Ideas for Girls



Here Are Some More Elegant Tattoos Ideas for Women: –


11. Classy Chest & Rib Tattoos for Women

beautiful small tattoos for girls-women.


12. Faith. Hope. Love Tattoo for Women & Girls

cute Faith Hope Love tattoos for girls women


13. Flower-Back Tattoo for Females

cute tattoos for women girls females


14. Beautiful Back Shoulder Tattoo Looks So Attractive

easy tattoo for girls women females


15. Moon & Star – Tiny Small Tattoos for Females 

small simple tattoos for girls women females


16. Selena Gomez Back Rib Tattoo. Selena has some cool tattoos. Singer & actress has a total of 15 tattoos dedicated to her friendships, her music, and her faith.

selena gomez rib tattoo
Selena Gomez Back Rib Tattoo


17. Heart Tattoos – These are small and cute.

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ankle-heart-tattoo for women  

18. Back Tattoos Idea – Flower

Back-Tattoo ideas for women  

19. Butterfly Tattoo for Women –  It represents transformation, resilience, hope, and even love.

butterfly-tattoo for women  

20. Cross Tattoos – With flowers

cross-tattoos for women  

21. Cute Little Tattoo for Girls – Who loves traveling.

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cute-little-tattoos for women  

22. Flower Tattoos are very popular among women.

flower-tattoo for women  

23. Hands Tattoos – 

hand-tattoos for women  

24. Quote Tattoo – On Shoulder

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lettering-tattoo ideas for women  

26. Scorpion Tattoo – incredibly powerful and a show of strength and intimidation.

scorpion-tattoo for women  

27. Semicolon Tattoo for women – These tattoos work best in places where they can easily be seen, like on the wrist, so that they can serve as a daily reminder of the obstacles that the individual has overcome and how they are capable of dealing with them in the future.

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semicolon-tattoo for women  

28. Snake Tattoo for Women

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snake-tattoo for women  

29. Wolf Tattoo – The wolf also has special significance to specific cultures, namely the Native Americans, who have a deep respect for the animal.

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wolf-tattoo for women  

30. Wrist Tattoo – Christmas Tree

wrist-tattoos for women


31. Small Arrow Tattoo 

small-tattoos-for women


32. Flying birds tattoos for girls



33.  Exotic Tattoos for Girls



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