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19 Beautiful Pin Up Girl Tattoos for Women – Its Meaning & History


Pin-Up Girl Tattoo gained popularity in the 50s and became one of the classic American traditional tattoos. Here the question arises what is a Pin-Up Tattoo? A Pin Up Tattoo is an image of a voluptuous woman clothed partially. Such tattoos are specially designed to provoke sexual tension.



The prominent design for Pin Up Tattoos has a woman showing her large chest and posing in an erotic gesture revealing her cleavage, stomach, legs, and shoulders (varies depending on the type of character picked by the Tattoo artist).



Pin-up girls often represent someone in the likes of a singer, race car girls, a nurse, a firewoman, a sailor, an actress, the statue of liberty, or Amelia Earhart. They always have some sort of theme.

pin up tattoos for women1


The ladies in Pin Up Tattoos are overtly sexual. The outfits they wore are commonly seen in pin-up magazines and pornographic videos. These outfits are typically short dresses with low-cut shirts. Sometimes, it’s just a bra or some revealing lingerie.

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In addition to this, most Pin-Up Girls wear a pair of stilettos, have heels that add a flair of style and sex appeal. Their makeup and hair match the 1950s style as it was the time when Pin Up Tattoos gained popularity.

pin-up-tattoo for women


Modern style pin-up girls’ tattoos usually have long wavy hair with flowers behind their ears. Other accessories that they wore include a bandana, nurse’s hat, sailor hat, and anything that matches the look. The makeup is completed with dark mascara, eyeliner, and eye-shadow along with pouty red lips and clearly defined eyebrows.

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Pin-Up Tattoos have a rich history and the tattoo tradition will live a little longer than usual. These tattoos are not just a sex symbol, it is more about women’s empowerment, or expressing the women’s beauty from outside and from within.


Here are some more Pin Up Girl Tattoo Designs for you:-

As one of the most explicit expressions of femininity and beauty, pin-up girl tattoo designs have generated a lot of interest and controversy. They originated in the World War II era, when men from the Navy and Armed Forces went abroad. The name ‘pin up’ came from the idea that men would pin photos or posters of these seductive women on their walls to gaze upon, during months spent apart from real-life women.



pin-up-tattoo for women 2



pin-up-tattoo for girls






pinup girl tattoo design



pinup girl tattoos



pinup tattoos for girls 1



pinup tattoos for women



pinup tattoos for women



pinup tattoos for women



pinup girl tattoos for women



pinup tattoos for women



pinup girl tattoos for women



pinup girl tattoos for women

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