23 Cute Things Girls Do that Guys Love Most

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When you are in a relationship, each and every thing your partner does looks very cute and adorable. But here we will be specifically talking about you girls! Yeah, know how to keep your man always impressed by these cute things that girls do that guys find very cute.


1. Wearing his clothes-

You have had a very romantic night and now it’s the time for you to dress up, make some coffee or go to the door to get the pizza you have just ordered. And you just take out your man’s loose t-shirt or shirt and wear it. The guys love it when you use their personal things. They get the feeling of belongingness.

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2. Giving Him a Nickname-

No we aren’t talking about those generic nicknames as most of you are already tired of listening “baby”, “jaanu”. Here we are talking about something more special. Give your man a nickname which is restricted to you and has some special connection with either him or both of you. He will love to hear that name repeatedly from your

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3. Cooking for Him-

Want to get a full attention from your man? Cook something for him. He is going to love to taste something that you have cooked. It may not be so tasty, but it gives him the feeling that you care for his food cravings and want to share the kitchen responsibilities with him.

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4. Wearing No Makeup-

He knows that you look flawless without makeup. And he will love to see that you are comfortable around him even with chappy lips and weary eyes. He will still find you the most beautiful person ever.

girl without makeup - things girls do that guys love



5. Giving ‘The’ Look-

the love look

Things girls do that guys love

Even when in public and talking to others, give him that intimate gaze. Believe me, he would want to grab your waist and take you home right away. As men feel that even within company you still manage to give some time to him and this makes them feel really special.


6. Playing with Hair-

Not necessarily yours. It can be anyone’s hair among you two. Play with your own hair, and he finds it really adorable and play with his hair, this my lady, is an instant turn on.
playing with hair


7. Stretching-

Don’t worry girls. We are not talking about exercise. Just stretch to grab something. Maybe the top shelf of the wardrobe or stretching to get something from the other side of the bed, the guys find it really cute.
girl trying to reach something - things girls do that guys love


8. Taking Food from His Plate-

Guys love to get the feeling that you find him the giver. It not necessarily mean the monetary dependence. Anything you ask from him or even forcefully take from him, he is gonna love it. Don’t feel shy to pick some fries from his plate. He will be more than happy to see this. Unless he is Joey!

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9. Treating Him like a Kid-

Guys love to see that you take care of them. Psychologically, guys are very connected to their mothers and they will feel very nurtured if you treat him like a kiddo.

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10. Coming into the Comfy Clothes-

Coming back from a party and wearing tight bodycon. Ugh. Come out of those clothes in front of your man. Wear those dirty pajamas and he will be contented to see that you are fully comfortable in front of him.

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11. Wearing a perfume throughout-

He loves your smell, so don’t change it. Have a constant perfume and this will condition him. No matter wherever you are but once you enter his place with that smell, he will surely not let you go.

guy smelling girl perfumevia


12. Concentrating in your Work-

Too much involved in your work? Even that is not a big issue. Your man will love to stare at you when you are working. When you put the tip of your pen in mouth, you don’t know, but he is loving that all.


13. Your lingerie-

Another thing guys love. Go out with them. Or order their favorite lingerie, give them a surprise. Sounds too cliche? No need of that as well. Just pull out your bra in front of him and look him drooling all around.

girl showing bravia


14. Closing Eyes while Kissing-

Guys love to see that you are so into them that you can’t let your eyes open while kissing. This is another huge turn on for them.

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15. Blushing-

Guys just love girls who blush. It is a huge achievement for them when they are the reason behind your rosy cheeks.

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16. Stretching your Body after Work-

You have done a lot of sitting and now you stretch, arch your back completely. With your breasts pointing out, oh, what a heavenly feeling it is for your man.

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17. Laughing out Loud-

Your man doesn’t want you to be artificial in front of him. Real Laughter is something we never show unless we are really comfortable with the person. Your loud laughter will give him a feeling that you are comfortable to share both funny and sad moments with him.

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18. Eating like a Monster-

You will have to agree with the fact that your eating habits differs in home and outside. Eat like you do even in front of him. He won’t get scared of you. Trust me, you are giving him the feeling that he is waiting for.

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19. Giving the Pleading look-

You want something from him? Try the pleading eyes. He can never ever say no to them. Try it out gals.

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20. Biting your Lips-

Biting lips consciously or subconsciously gives him the signal that you are ready for some romantic time together. It is an old form of flirting. What else does he want?

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21. Dressing up-

A man feels at the top of the world when his girl dresses up for him. Not just talking about the elegant night gowns. It can be any kind of dress up. Even dressing up for role play as his fantasy.

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22. Telling him about your Day-

A man feels completed when you share your daily schedule and time- table with him. He won’t get bored to listen to your non- stop bitching about your colleague. Instead, he will feel that he is the person you trust the most.

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23. Smiling-

Nothing can beat this most powerful gesture. This is something which can melt any guy. But do remember, never give him a fake smile. Never try to deceive him. He may feel very bad and sad about it.

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There are a number of things that men find cute, attractive and adorable in women and especially their women. Some of these are voluntary and many are involuntary. If you are really into your man, at least 50 percent of these things would have already happened to you. You may not even be aware of it, but there are tons of girly things you unintentionally do that turn guys on. Just being sweet alone is enough for them to notice you. You don’t need to try very hard to impress your man. Men are visual creatures and want things that look pleasing to their eyes. Don’t worry if he is not able to show all those feelings because men may be visual creatures but they are not so good expressing creatures. Make efforts, do your best. The above listed things are just a couple of things. You can do or rather still doing a lot of things that your man is thinking about right now.