Lifestyle14 Gorgeous Neck Tattoos for Women

14 Gorgeous Neck Tattoos for Women


More and more women are now inking tattoos on their necks. If done correctly neck tattoos for women can be a pure work of art. Many brilliant female neck tattoos could make a lasting impression on the viewer.


There was a time when society looked down on female neck tattoos. Luckily, things have changed since that time. Now tattoos are generally considered a normal way of self-expression. People generally chose tattoo designs that are deeply meaningful to them.
Neck has relatively less canvas area than other body spots like the leg, the thigh, or, the arm, etc. For this reason, neck tattoos for women generally tend to be simple and dainty. However, if you want a detailed and complex tattoo design, you should probably opt for some other body spots like the back or, the arm, etc.


Many people love tattoos but are hesitant about getting big tattoos on their bodies. If you are one of them then perhaps neck tattoos are the right pick for you. Remember, a tattoo design doesn’t need to be big to make the most impact. Many small tattoo artworks are much more elegant than big tattoo pieces.


There is no limit to the beautiful collection of female neck tattoos that are available in the market. However, it’s a good idea to think carefully about the tattoo design that you want to permanently ink on your skin.


Refrain from acting on a wink and tattooing the first thing that comes into your mind. Opt for a tattoo design that you are pretty sure that you would like even in the far future.
Once you have decided about the tattoo design, the next thing for you is to find a tattoo artist that is both skilled and experienced. Experienced professional tattoo artists have many insights about reducing the pain of the inking process.


1. Text Neck Tattoos for Women

beautiful neck tattoo for girls


2. Neck Tattoos for Women with meaning

beautiful neck tattoo for women


3. Beautiful Butterfly Neck Tattoos for girls


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cute neck tattoo for women



cute neck tattoos for girls



neck tattoo designs for women

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neck tattoo for girls


8. Small Neck Tattoos for Women

small neck tattoos for women



small neck tattoo for girls

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10. FREEDOM Neck Tattoos for Women

side neck tattoo for women



neck tattoos for women

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neck tattoos for women fi



neck tattoos for girls



unique neck tattoos for women


Can neck tattoos be dangerous?

Getting a neck tattoo is no more dangerous than any other placement on your body. An allergic reaction is the biggest risk, other than the general discomfort from the needle and the artist applying pressure. The only other thing to keep in mind is that a neck tattoo is more exposed to the sun, and the ink can sometimes cause sensitivity with UV ray exposure.


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