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21 Cute Small Tattoos For Women & Girls – Best For First Timers


Small tattoos for women are in trend now. The reasons for the rise in the popularity of small tattoos are not very hard to guess actually. First of all, they look beautiful and extremely adorable and while this alone could have justified its current popularity there are other good reasons behind its success.


Female Small Tattoos are far less expensive than large-piece tattoos, without being any less charming. Another good thing about Small tattoos for women is that they could be placed on body spots that can be easily covered, whenever the wearer finds it necessary.

selena gomez small tattoo for girls

Many people love tattoos but are afraid of the whole process of a needle going through their skin and permanently marking it. It would be a lie if someone tells you that the process of tattooing does not hurt because it does. However, how much pain a person feels during tattooing depends on lots of factors, for example, the body spot you have chosen to get the tattoo on and your pain tolerance.

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The pain you feel during tattooing also depends on the complexity or, simplicity of your tattoo design. In general, tattoos, that are relatively more complex and detailed, cost more money need more care during the healing process, and cause more pain than simple and dainty tattoos.


cute small tattoo on selena gomez wrist


There are some important things that you should keep in mind if you are planning to get a small tattoo on any of your body spots. Choose a tattoo design that is not very complex. The reason for choosing a simple tattoo design instead of complex tattoos lies in the fact that small tattoos can’t accommodate much detail.


If you want a relatively complex tattoo design, then you should probably opt for thigh tattoos, or arm tattoos as these body areas have a much larger canvas to accommodate detail. If you want a tattoo design that is adorable and beautiful but also understated, then these meaningful small tattoos are the right pick for you.


Here are 21 Cute Small Tattoos for Women / Girls / Females:


beautiful Small Tattoos For Women 2


2. Warrior Tattoo

beautiful Small Tattoos For Women


3. Small Bird Tattoo



4. Cute Tiny Moon & Sun Tattoo

cute Small Tattoos For girls besties



cute Small Tattoos For Women


6. Tiny wave tattoo for girls

delicate Small Tattoos For Women



meaningful Small Tattoos For Women 1

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8. Small flower tattoo on hand

meaningful Small Tattoos For Women


9. Feminine Rose Behind Ear Tattoo

Small Tattoos For females


10. Tiny Moom tattoo behind the ear

The moon is the symbol of growth and change. Moreover, it symbolizes the night and passing of time, and it is a very popular image in tattoo art

Small Tattoos For girls 1


11. Small Star, Sun & Moom tattoo for best friends & siblings.

Small Tattoos For girls 3

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12. Small smile tattoo on ribs

Small Tattoos For girls



Small Tattoos For Women 1



Small Tattoos For Women 3

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Small Tattoos For Women 4

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Small Tattoos For Women 5



Small Tattoos For Women on back



Small Tattoos For Women on finger

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Small Tattoos For Women on wrist

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Small Tattoos For Women. 2



Small Tattoos For Women


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