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17 Beautiful Wrist Tattoos For Women


Wrist tattoos for women are very highlighting. That’s because the wrist is a very visible part of our body. Wrist tattoos are often the first choice of many tattoo enthusiasts. These tattoos are known to enhance the beauty and personality of their wearers.


Despite the enormous lessening of the stigma against tattoos in recent years, there are still some places and organisations that frown upon Tattoos. Wrist tattoos for women still have a shock value in society.


Wrist tattoos are one of the most visible tattoos to get. If you get a wrist tattoo, you will be going to see it every single day of your life, due to its enormous visibility. So, try to pick a tattoo design that you deeply care about. You would not like to get a permanent wrist tattoo, realising only very late that you become fed up with the tattoo.


Getting a tattoo is a big decision and just like any big decision it needs careful thought. Many tattoo designers suggest that people should wait for some considerable time after opting for a tattoo design. This wait will help you in becoming sure that you do like the tattoo design and it is not something that is merely superficially interesting to you. People generally opt for tattoos that deeply inspire them to have special meaning for them.
Though having a wrist tattoo might appear very cool and dashing, the actual process of getting wrist tattoos is not much fun. In the wrist, the fat and muscles are particularly low between the bones and skin, which makes it one of the most painful tattoos to get.


There are certain ways to reduce the pain felt during tattooing. It’s a good idea to visit the tattoo designer together with your friends. The presence and conversations of your friends can considerably reduce the pain of inking the skin.


If you are eager to show the world your love of beautiful ink designs, then getting a these wrist tattoos for women might be just what you are looking for:-


1. Footprint small wrist tattoo

cute wrist tattoos for women


2. ‘Believe’ wrist tattoo

small wrist tattoos for women


3. Flying birds wrist tattoo.

wrist tattoos for female 2


4. bracelet design wrist tattoo.

wrist tattoos for females 3



wrist tattoos for females

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6. Lotus wrist tattoo

wrist tattoos for girls 2


7. Flowers tattoo on wrist

wrist tattoos for girls 3


8. ‘Love’ wrist tattoo

wrist tattoos for girls 4



wrist tattoos for girls 5

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10. ‘Stars & Planet’ wrist tattoo

wrist tattoos for girls



wrist tattoos for women 1



wrist tattoos for women 3


13. ‘You Can’ wrist tattoo.

wrist tattoos for women 4

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wrist tattoos for women 5



wrist tattoos for women 6



wrist tattoos for women



beautiful wrist tattoos for women


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