Lifestyle19 Pretty Hairstyles For Girls With Long Hair

19 Pretty Hairstyles For Girls With Long Hair


We all know how much importance does a girl’s hair holds for her and no doubt, for the same reason, they always give their hair an utmost priority. Every girl on this Earth wants to do their hair just like the stylists do, but there are a number of problems that come in between which include the lack of time, fear of entanglement of hair, and most importantly, laziness. Well, we are here to tell you that it is not so difficult to pull off a very intricate-looking hairstyle with minimum effort. We totally understand your skepticism, so just go through these 19 amazing and very simple hairstyles for girls with long hair to look fabulous.


So, here we come up with 19 cool and trendy hairstyles for girls with long hair, keeping in mind all face shapes:-


1. The Twisted Bun hairstyles for girls


2. Extra Long Double Ponytail hairstyles for girls

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3. Braided Flower Crown Hairstyle


4. Khaleesi Inspired Twist Hairstyles for girls


5. Braided Pony Tail for girls

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6. Braided Bun Hairstyle For Girls


7. Easy Boho Braid


8. Ideal Rope Braid Hairstyle For Girls


9. Halo Braids


10. French Braid Twisted Bun


11. Triple Twist Half Up Hairstyle


12. Ten Second Top Knot Hairstyle for girls


13. One Minute Knotted Half Up


14. Triangular Parted Half Ponytail


15. Twisted Halo hairstyle for girls


16. Simple Chignon


17. Side Twist Party-Perfect Style


18. Twisted Side Braid hairstyle for girls


19. Twisted Top Knot hairstyle


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