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10 Best Awesome Hairstyles for Girls With All Face Shapes & Hair Lengths


We all know how much importance does a girl’s hair holds for her and no doubt, for the same reason, they always give their hair an utmost priority. When it comes to the types of haircuts, it takes a girl weeks or even months of planning the perfect cut which gives them the confidence, the sass; matches with their face shape and hair length and is trendy too. It sounds like a tough job, right? Well, surely it is.

So, here we come up with 10 cool and trendy hairstyles for girls, keeping in mind all face shapes and hair lengths.


1. Textured Pixie Hairstyle

Is the normal pixie cut too mainstream for you? A textured pixie cut will surely provide you what you were looking for then. A pixie cut is textured when you chop the long tresses of the actual pixie down and give it a messy yet stylish look.

Best Hair Styles 2020


2. Sleek Medium Haircut

One of the trendiest haircuts of 2020 has to be the sleek medium haircut. The cut can also be enhanced with smoothening, and minimal, natural-looking global highlights. But the cut also requires you to keep the ends trimmed to ensure the hair quality.

Best Hair Styles 2020

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3. Messy Wob Hairstyle

Bob is one haircut that has never lost its charm. It always comes back as a modified version and girls love to experiment with it. This time the bob is coupled with the wavy haircut and gave us the product “Wob”. Adding the messy gradient to it gives a girl the “woke-up like this” look, which is trending this year.

Best Hair Styles 2020


4. Short and Wavy Shag Hairstyle

This haircut is heavily layered and hence if you have thin hair, then this haircut may not suit you. This cut looks fabulous on the girls who want to tame their thick hair. The layers in this cut add movement and shape to the cheekbone, enhancing the facial features and giving the stylish-cool look.

Best Hair Styles 2020


5. Pixie Bob with Bangs Hairstyle

This haircut is definitely the best when it comes to experimenting with your hair. You can imagine having this cut with any outfit, including a formal suit, a teen summer dress, or even an evening party gown, and you surely will look fabulous with this minimal yet classy hairstyle.

Trendy Haircuts for Girls


6. Curly Undercut Hairstyle

If you have curly hair but are too busy to maintain them, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you. To make this look bolder, you can cut the top in a messy way, coupled with shaved sides. The haircut itself is enough to enhance your confidence.

Trendy Haircuts for Girls

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7. Multi Layers Hairstyle

If you have long hair and you don’t want to make them too short, just change your style, then this is one of the most recommended cuts. Giving multiple long layers to the hair will add volume to the hair, making it appear thick and stylish.

Trendy Haircuts for Girls


8. Low Maintenance Bangs Hairstyle

If you really love your hair the way they are and just want to add something to them, you can always go for bangs. Now, having the standard bangs is a thing we left in past, so giving a minimalistic cut can enhance your facial features and you can couple them with a number of hairstyles like open, flowing hair or messy buns, and more.

Trendy Haircuts for Girls


9. Midway Layers Hairstyle

This is another haircut to experiment with when you have long hair. If you don’t want to layer your hair completely, you can always go for layers midway. This haircut suits best for the girls having thin and straight hair as it gives volume to the hair.

Trendy Haircuts for Girls



10. Uniform Length Hairstyle

Not to forget the all-time classic, the uniform length cut. This cut has and will exist on the trendy haircut list forever, and if you are the kind of girl who likes classic cuts, then surely go-ahead with this.

Trendy Haircuts for Girls


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