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11 Bollywood Actors Who Became Poor from Rich


Bollywood is one of those industries where it is hard to find what is happening under the layer of glamour. It is surprising that some people in the industry become famous overnight and just with a few flops come back on the road. With new faces coming each year, people tend to forget the hard work done by the older actors and actresses.

Here are few examples showing such bitter and the harsh reality of Bollywood:-

Bharat Bhushan

Bharat Bhushan was one of the best actors of his time and earned quite well from his movies. He later came into a relationship with Meenakumari. Bharat Bhushan never had the habit of saving what he got and this led to his downfall. When he couldn’t get any roles, he had to become watchman of a movie studio, had to work in small budget movies.

Bharat Bhushan actor become poor

Geetanjali Nagpal-

She was one of the best models and walked on-ramp for many famous designers. She got addicted to drugs and lost all her money. She was found begging in Mumbai and she even did domestic chores at houses to earn a square meal.

Geetanjali Nagpal actress

Raj Kiran-

Best known for his work in ‘Karz’ by Subhash Ghai, his acting career was at a peak in the 1970s and 1980s. he went missing for about a decade and was thought to be dead. But his co-star Rishi Kapoor didn’t lose hope. From a lot of sources and searching, he found out that Raj is in Atlanta struggling in a mental asylum due to some health issues.

actor raj kiran

O. P. Nayyar-

He was one of the fine music composer and singer-songwriter. He gave a number of hit tracks for Bollywood movies but caught in the trap of alcoholism. He went bankrupt and spent his last days in a fan’s home.

O P Nayyar

A. K. Hangal-

He had played many roles as father, grandfather, great-grandfather in a number of movies. He worked in more than 200 movies in his lifetime. But in the last days, he battled acute poverty and bankruptcy. He didn’t even have money to pay for his own medical expenses. When Amitabh Bachchan came to know about this, he donated 20 lacs for his treatment.

a k hangle actor

Bhagwan Dada-

He made his Bollywood debut with the film, ‘Criminal’. He gave a number of hits including Albela. But movies like Jhamela sold his bungalow and seven cars which he used one for each day of the week. He was forced to live in a chawl.

Bhagwan Dada

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Neeraj Vora-

Neeraj Vora was once a popular writer, actor, and comedian. He gave movies like Mann, Akele Hum Akele Tum, etc. but due to a severe brain stroke, his life turned upside down. No-one was ready to help him and then Firoze Nadiadwala stepped in.

neeraj vora

Shweta Basu Prasad-

She did an amazing work in the movie Makdee in childhood. But during her early adulthood, she got into a sex racket, and this was the time when she started running out of money. Even though all the cases against her were later declined, it was still a great shock to the industry.

shweta basu prasad

Satish Kaul-

He is a Kashmiri actor who has worked in more than 300 Punjabi and Hindi movies. He was also given Lifetime Achievement Award from Punjab Cinema but these days he is in a hospital due to certain health issues and has no cash to pay for his own medical expenses.

Satish Kaul

Mitali Sharma-

Mitali Sharma was once a famous Bhojpuri actress but got trapped in poverty after a few years in luxury. She was seen breaking the window of a car and trying to steal. She also begged for food. And later was sent to a mental rehabilitation center.

Mitali Sharma rich to poor

Parveen Babi-

She was the most beautiful actress of her time and gave a number of super hit movies. But something unusual happened when she started losing control of herself. I started visiting spiritual gurus and even look at some mental treatment.

She became an alcoholic and suffered from loneliness and severe depression. She died tragically in her apartment alone.

Parveen-Babi-bollywood actress

It is evident that Bollywood is a mirage. At one phase when a person is at the peak of their career, they are cherished by each and every person, and at the very next phase, when the artist is undergoing some hardships, no one puts a foot forward to help. Do the above examples show that if artists like these who was this famous got into such troubles then what about those who just gave a few movies and then went missing?

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