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21 Romantic Places for Couples in Delhi, You Must Take Your Sweetheart To On Your Next Date


Malls, movie theatres, and normal cafes are now not the places couples prefer these days for a date. And we have to accept it that these places are actually very boring for a date that you don’t want to forget. If you are in Delhi and are in love and want to impress your partner, here is a list for you of 21 romantic places for couples in Delhi-


1. Garden of Five Senses-

This garden is one of the best places for couples. It is a designed park which includes a number of themes like Mughal theme, pools, solar energy park, etc. there are also many places to eat in and near the garden. This is located in Saidul Ajaib near Saket.

garden of five senses delhi


concert in garden of 5 senses delhi



2. Buddha Jayanti Garden-

If you are a young couple and want to show some PDA like the couples used to do before, this park is for you. The park is very huge and filled with young couples almost all times of the year. There are beautiful lawns, streams, paths where couples walk hand in hand. You can always find a cozy little corner to sit with your partner.

It is located in Dhaula Kuan.



buddha garden delhi best place for couples


buddha jayanti garden delhi


3. Deer Park-

This park can be considered as one of the most romantic places in Delhi. It covers a vast area of land and has well- manicured lawns and flower beds. You can spot peacocks, Deers, rabbits and other animals there. It is a very romantic get away from the hassle of the city like Delhi. It is located in Hauz Khas.

deer park hauz khas best place for your sweethart


4. Parthasarthy Rocks-

Want to enjoy a perfect sunset with your partner? This is the place. It is an open- air auditorium in JNU campus where you can experience the best sunset. Just imagine, you and your partner lying there, witnessing the sun set in the horizon. Romantic, isn’t it?

Parthasarthy Rocks JNU delhi


5. India Gate Complex-

It may be hard to believe, but a crowded place like India Gate can also be very romantic. Not in the day time, of-course. Imagine going there late at night. Maybe after you are done with your dinner. Just walking along Janpath and sitting on the fine grass with the amazing lighting of the India Gate. Yes, it can be romantic!

India Gate delhi romantic night view


6. Ridge Road-

I don’t think there is any secluded place as Ridge Road. The road is almost empty at any given point of the day. It is very peaceful and romantic to just walk around the road with your partner on that road.

Ridge Road romantic walk delhi


7. Mehrauli Archaeological Park-

It is just a two- minute walk from Qutab Minar. You will find hundreds of rugged historical structures there. You can sit there for whole day, amazed by the architecture there, wondering about history, roaming around with your partner.

Mehrauli Archaeological Park for couples


8. Couple Spa –

How romantic is it to have a naughty massage with your lover? There are a number of places which provide couple spa in Delhi and this is one among them. You and your partner can just relax and feel the warmth of love around you with these amazing luxurious spas.

couple spa in delhi


9. World of Wonder-

This is one of the best amusement parks in Delhi. You can take your partner and enjoy crazy rides and water park in this place. The games there will create an amazing bond between you two.

World-of-Wonder-WoW-Noida water park


10. Sevilla-

It is an extremely romantic restaurant in Delhi for couples. The restaurant is themed in certain Spanish elements. The seating, the surrounding, everything is just so perfect for an amazing date.

Sevilla extremely romantic restaurant in Delhi


11. Thai High-

It is an amazing rooftop restaurant, that too in an isolated location. This restaurant serves the best Thai Cuisine in Delhi. You can always take your partner to this restaurant and enjoy your time with the amazing lighting.

Thai High rooftop restaurant in delhi


12. Delhi Eye-

We get it that it is somewhat similar to the London Eye, but wouldn’t you want to go to a place and ride a ferry wheel and witness the city with your partner? It gives an amazing scenery which becomes even more amazing when your partner is beside you.

Delhi eye similar to london eye

13. Ice-Lounge-

Located in Saket, this place will give you the feeling of an ice hotel. The temperature of the lounge is freezing. And at this freezing situation, won’t it be amazing to feel the warmth of your partner? And don’t worry, you will be given a heavy jacket to actually keep yourself warm.

ice lounge in delhi

14. The Garden Restaurant-

This restaurant is known as the best alfresco restaurant in Delhi. The landscape, the scenery is perfect. They have also given a beautiful seating, where you can sit or even lie comfortably with your partner.

Via – TripAdvisor

15. Tonino-

Want to give your partner an Italian themed date, this place is for you. The restaurant is ranked best for Italian food. And the setting of this place, including the seating is very romantic. You can have an amazing candle-light dinner date here with your partner.

tonio restaurante delhi

16. SKY Lounge-

Not at all like usual rooftop lounges, this place has created its own innovative setting for the restaurant to become more romantic. The furniture is LED- lit and is the best place if you both love heights.

sky lounge restaurante delhi

17. Aqua by The Park-

It is a pool park, but not the regular ones. This place is very calm and peaceful. With the amazing lighting and the blue pool beside, this place can instantly create a mood when you are out there for a date.

Aqua by The Park


18. Delhi Haat-

Not interested in clichéd places for a date, this place can be very refreshing. The place has got number of exhibitions happening throughout the year, which you can visit. If you and your partner are into the classy, vintage stuff, this place is definitely for you. Also, there are a number of food stalls inside which are something one should definitely try.



19. Indian Habitat Centre-

If you and your partner are interested in art, you should definitely plan a date here. The various art exhibitions will take your mind away. Also, there are a number of food joints that you can try out once you have supplemented your art cravings.

india habitat centre


20. Nehru Planetarium-

No worries, if you stargazing enthusiasts cannot find a peaceful place in the crowded and the polluted city. Spend a romantic time with your partner at this planetarium beside your partner just staring into the infinite space of the midnight sky. A date here will always be in your memories.

Nehru Planetarium

21. Skydiving-

This is something, almost everyone will enjoy. The love which comes from adrenaline rush is more powerful than anything else. Since it is not located in the city, you will have to devote more time. But once there, in the heights, you will never regret it.

Skydiving with you partner in delhi


So, there it is, the best romantic places for the couples in Delhi. Walk out from your daily schedules, give your partner the best time of their lives by visiting these places. These places will not just give you a memory but will also enhance the romance hidden underneath. But at last, it is the person who makes the date special. Places are just an enhancer of the love.

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