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Lessor Known Facts About Irrfan Khan, Incredible Talented Actor


Irrfan Khan was an Indian actor, known for his work predominantly in Hindi cinema, in addition to British and American films. In a career spanning over 30 years and featuring in more than 50 domestic films, Khan had received numerous awards, including a National Film Award and Filmfare Awards in four categories. 

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Here are some lessor known facts, will help you to know about the Talented actor

Irrfan Khan Birth

Irrfan Khan was born on 7th January 1967 in Jaipur. 

Irrfan Khan Young Picture

Birth in a royal family

His father was the late Jagirdar Khan from village Khajuria near the Tonk district. His mother, Begum Khan belonged to the Tonk hakim family. Irrfan Khan’s father ran a tyre business.

irrfan khan childhood family picture

Irrfan Khan’s Full Name

Irrfan Khan’s full name is Sahabzade Irrfan Ali Khan.

Sahabzade Irrfan Ali Khan

Irrfan Khan’s Education

He was studying for his MA degree when he earned a scholarship to study at National School of Drama (NSD) in New Delhi in 1984. He has diploma in Arts.

Irrfan khan during NSD Days

Irrfan Khan’s Family

Irrfan got married to writer and fellow NSD student Sutapa Sikdar on February 23rd 1995. He is blessed with two sons, Babil and Ayan.

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Irrfan Khan’s First Job

He started working as an air condition repair man in Mumbai. According to the sources, he visited for repairing services was that of the legend Rajesh Khanna.

irrfan khan facts

Irrfan Khan’s Debut

He debuted in the year 1988 in the Academy Award nominated movie Salaam Bombay. He was then in his final year at NSD; however his role was shortened as his height was being an issue.

Irrfan Khan NSD Days

Two Academy Award Winning Movies

He is the first actor from the Indian film industry who was a part of cult movies, Slumdog Millionare (2008) and Life of Pie (2012), both Academy Award winners.

Irrfan khan Academy Award picture
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Getting Into film was unplanned

Irrfan Khan was interested in crickets and want to make career in the same, however, his parents were not too keen on it. After he got a scholarship in NSD he make his mind to make career in Acting.

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He wanted to quit acting

At one point of time in his career he was majorly doing televisions shows and none of the films that he acted in proved to be successful. It became very monotonous for him and it drove him to almost give up on acting. However, acting in The Warrior, made by Asif Kapadia, made him change his mind.

A Unique Wish

Irrfan khan has a very unique wish to gift a briefcase full of cash to his mother ajust like how they do in movies.

irrfan khan mother

My Name is Khan And I am not a Terrorist‘ Incident

Irrfan Khan was detained at a US airport, like Shah Rukh Khan, simply because his name is similar to a 33 year old terrorist’s.

His Lunchbox won Critics Week Viewers Choice Award at Cannes Film Festival

Irrfan’s Lunchbox was one of the very few Indian movies to have won Grand Rail d’Or Award at the Cannes Film Festival. This was in the year 2013.

Received Padma Shri, Fourth highest civilian honour 

In the year 2011, Irrfan Khan received the Padma Shri, fourth highest civilian honor in India, for his contribution to the field of arts.

Irrfan Khan Receiving Padma Shri Award

Irrfan Khan died at the age of 53

Irrfan Khan passes away at 53, battling colon infection. Irrfan Khan passed away 29th April 2020 at a hospital in Mumbai, where he was admitted for colon infection. The 53-year-old actor had been battling cancer since 2018 and his official spokesperson had confirmed on Tuesday that he was under doctor’s observation. Irrfan is survived by his wife Sutapa and sons – Babil and Ayan. 

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