HistoryTop 10 Famous Slaves In The History

Top 10 Famous Slaves In The History


Slavery is one of the ancient institutions that is approved in the Bible as well. It has been seen that most of the western world has abolished slavery practice, but there are still some nations that are actively engaged in the slave trade. 

This list includes famous slaves of all time in the world. Writing about this topic is pretty hard as there is a huge number of slaves that are popular and known in history.


Check out the list of the top 10 famous slaves in the history/world:-

1. Nat Turner

Nat Turner - Famous Slaves In The History

Nat Turner was the black preacher responsible for the uprising in Southampton County, Virginia in 1831. In that uprising, a group of 50 slaved killed 55 whites. Nat was a religious man and he claimed that he got directives and visions from God. 

On August 21, 1831, he included 4 other slaves named Henry, Hark, Sam, and Nelson on a murderous spree to kill women, men, and children in their beds. The mob of murderers grew up to 40-50 within a day. The local militia confronted and captured most of them but Turned escaped. Later Turned was arrested. And hanged on November 11, 1831. 


2. Abram Petrovich Gannibal

Abram Petrovich Gannibal - famous slaves in the history

The Major General Abram Petrovich Gannibal (1696 – April 20, 1781) was an African slave. Peter the Great brought him Russia and he became the major general, governor of Reval, and military engineer. However, he is best known as the great grandfather of Aleksandr Pushkin. Aleksandr Pushkin wrote an unfinished novel about Abram Petrovich Gannibal titled ‘The Moor of Peter the Great.’


3. Enrique of Malacca

Enrique of Malacca - famous slave in the history

A native of the Malay Archipelago, famous as Henry the Black, Enrique of Malacca was the personal servant and interpreter of Ferdinand Magellan. Enrique of Malacca had been captured from his home islands by Sumatran slavers. From the slave market of Malaccan, he was bought by Ferdinand Magellan in 1511 and baptized as Henrique. 

He has an undisputed claim to being the first circumnavigator. The first known cultural circumnavigation he made by traveling around the world and finding people who spoke his language. 


4. Ammar bin Yasir

Ammar bin Yasir was among the slaves who freed by Abu Bakr, and he was the companion of Muhammad. Ammar was born in the Elephant Year (570). Thus, it can be said that he is as old as Muhammad. Muhammad and he used to be friends even before Islam. 

Ammar bin Yasir was the slave of Banu Adi. The man was killed in the battle of Siffin (657) by the hands of a loyal group of Mu’Awiyah. He was killed by the hands of Bin Hawwa Esaksaki. 


5. James Somersett

James Somersett - Famous Slaves in the History

James Somersett, a young African slave, bought by Charles Stuart in Virginia back in 1749. Somersett used to accompany Stuart in his traveling, as being in English government service, traveling was part of his duties. During the trip to England in 1769, Somersett got involved with people who are associated with the anti-slavery movement along with activist Granville Sharp. 


6. Margaret Garner

Margaret Garner famous slaves in the history

Margaret Garner was the notorious slave who killed her two years old daughter using a butcher knife. She did it so that her child would not return to slavery. Later on, she was forced to return to slavery with her younger child (9 months old). 


7. Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass famous slaves in the history

Frederick Douglass worked for several slaveholders between 1818 and 1838. He became proficiently literate by reading religious books. In 1838, Douglass acquired free seaman papers somehow and escaped to New York. He joined antislavery activism and founded his abolition journal, The North Star. 


8. Spartacus

Spartacus had served the Roman Army. He was sold as a slave when caught after being a bandit. Later on, he escaped the gladiatorial school and plotted a revolution with the help of other gladiators. He was joined by other runaways’ slaves and created the force of 90,000 people that overran most of Italy and defeated two consuls. 


9. Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick - famous slave in history

Saint Patrick is respected by Christians for the establishment of the church in Ireland in 5th century AD. He was captured and sold in Ireland when he was a teen. He escaped and became a monk. Around 432, he returned to Ireland and succeeded to convert tribes to Christianity.


10. Aesop

Aesop - famous slaves in history

Aesop is famous for his fables. He was the slave of ladmon of Samos and got a violent death from Delphi. He must have received his freedom from ladmon to conduct the public defense. There is a probability that Aesop did not commit his fables to writing; it could be done by Socrates during his time in prison by turning some of the fables into verse. 


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