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39 Best Bollywood Suspense Thriller Movies Ever


Suspense Thriller movies are a broad film genre that evokes suspense and excitement in the audience. Bollywood has made many Hindi Suspense Thriller Movies but not all are up to the mark. Here we bring the best Thriller Movies of Bollywood which are appreciated by the audience. In three words ‘A must watch!’


Here are 39 top Hindi suspense thriller movies ever – 


1. Te3n

Teen is a 2016 Indian mystery thriller film written and directed by Ribhu Dasgupta. An old man searches for clues related to the abduction and murder of his granddaughter, while a cop and a priest (ex-cop) investigate a new kidnapping that bears similarities to that unsolved case.

Te3n hindi thriller movie


2. Ittefaq (2017) – Suspense Thriller Movie

An acclaimed writer and a young homemaker become the prime suspects in a double murder. Police officer Dev must figure out who’s telling the truth when both offer conflicting stories about the events of that fateful night.

ittefaq thriller movie


3. Being Cyrus (2005)

The orphaned Cyrus moves to Panchgani to become an apprentice with the retired sculptor Dinshaw, but while living in the family’s home, he finds out that the family carries several dark secrets.

being cyrus thriller movie


4. Khamosh (1986)

There are mysterious murders that take place on the sets of a Bollywood movie. Who does a thing and whose behind all these murders?

Khamosh movie


5. Aankhen (2002)

When Vijay Singh Rajput is unceremoniously stripped of his duties as a bank manager, he decides to seek revenge by robbing the bank. He trains three blind men to do the job for him.

Aankhen movie


6. Woh Kaun Thi (1964)

One dark, stormy night Anand, a well-respected doctor, picks up a young woman at the side of the road. She asks to be dropped off at a graveyard and she walks into the distance, singing a love song.

Woh Kaun Thi


7. 100 Days (1991)

A young clairvoyant woman has a vision of a murder. She sets out to find the killer and stop him before he commits the crime.

100 Days movie


8. Mera Saaya (1966)

Rakesh Singh, a wealthy lawyer, returns home after he learns about his wife Geeta’s illness. Though she dies in his arms, a woman who resembles Geeta is caught by the police.


9. Kaabil – Suspense Thriller Movie

The blissful lives of Supriya and Rohan, a couple who is visually impaired, come to a halt when the former is raped by men with political links. When she commits suicide, Rohan vows to take revenge.

Kaabil thriller movie


10. Gupt

Sahil is arrested for murdering his stepfather, but he is determined to prove his innocence. He escapes from jail with help from Sheetal, but Inspector Udham Singh is hot on his trail.

Gupt movie


11. Karthik Calling Karthik (2010)

Karthik, an introvert, is always ridiculed by his boss and has faced many setbacks throughout his life. However, one day, he receives a phone call from a stranger who promises to transform his life.

Karthik Calling Karthik thriller movie


12. Bhool Bhulaiyaa

An NRI and his wife decide to stay in his ancestral home, paying no heed to the warnings about ghosts. Soon, inexplicable occurrences cause him to call a psychiatrist to help solve the mystery.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa


13. Ghajini

A Business tycoon, suffering from acute short-term memory loss, cannot remember anything beyond fifteen minutes. With a bunch of polaroids and tattoos on his body, he sets out to find his lover’s killer.



14. Drishyam

When the disappearance of a policewoman’s son threatens to ruin Vijay’s family, he leaves no stone unturned in order to shield his family.

Drishyam thriller movie


15. Kahani (2012)

Vidya Bagchi, a pregnant woman, travels to Kolkata from London to search for her missing husband. When all clues lead to a dead-end, she realizes that there is more than what meets the eye.

Kahani thriller movie


16. Manorama Six Feet Under (2007)

Satyaveer accepts money from Manorama, wife of an irrigation minister, to collect evidence against her husband for having an extra-marital affair. He accepts, unaware that he too is being deceived.

Manorama Six Feet Under


17. Samay (2003)

ACP Malvika Chauhan, a widowed mother, is assigned to investigate the murder of a businessman. However, she suspects it to be a serial killer as more murders take place in the city.

Samay thriller movie


18. Darr

Rahul is obsessed with Kiran and stalks her constantly. However, Rahul goes berserk when she gets engaged to Sunil, a navy officer, and he decides to forcefully claim Kiran for himself.

darr movie


19. Aamir

While on a visit to India to meet his family, NRI doctor Aamir is set up by terrorists to plant a bomb. His refusal to comply would mean the death of his family, which is being held captive.

Aamir thriller movie


20. A Wednesday! (2008)

Prakash Rathod, a retired police commissioner recounts the most memorable case of his career wherein he was informed about a bomb scare in Mumbai by an ordinary commoner.

A Wednesday thriller movie


21. NH10 (2015) – Suspense Thriller Movie

While on a road trip, Meera and Arjun witness an honour killing committed by a powerful gangster, Satbir. However, the latter soon starts pursuing the couple to eliminate them.

NH10 thriller movie


22. Khiladi (1992)

Raj, Neelam, Boney and Sheetal decide to play a prank on Sheetal’s father by pretending to kidnap her and asking for ransom. Unfortunately, she is truly murdered and the evidence points at the trio.

khiladi 1992 movie


23. Johnny Gaddaar (2007)

Five men get involved in a drug deal set up by a corrupt police officer. But the plan goes awry when Vikram, the youngest member, decides to discreetly steal the money.

Johnny Gaddaar movie


24. Mahal (1949)

Shankar moves to a mansion and learns that it was home to a love story with a tragic end. He finds himself dragged into the tale when he has visions of a woman who claims to be his lover.

Mahal 1949 movie


25. Ek Ruka Hua Faisla (1986)

Twelve jury members debate fiercely over a murder trial. Only one juror is convinced that the convict is not guilty of the crime and he tries to convince the rest that the boy is innocent.

Ek Ruka Hua Faisla movie 1986


26. Sangharsh (1999)

Reet, a police officer, learns about a religious fanatic, Pandey, who abducts children. She then joins forces with a prisoner in order to punish Pandey.

Sangharsh thriller movie


27. Ek Hasina Thi

Sarika falls in love with Karan, a mysterious man who frames her for carrying illegal firearms. However, in jail, she transforms into a vindictive woman and sets out to avenge the wrongs done to her.

Ek Hasina Thi thriller movie


28. Bluffmaster! (2005)

When Roy’s girlfriend learns that he is a fraudster, he is forced to reassess his choices. Soon, he is diagnosed with a fatal illness and decides to help his foolish apprentice.

Bluffmaster movie


29. Gumnaam (1965)

Eight people find themselves on a remote island after winning a contest. As soon as they settle down in an eerie mansion with a strange butler, the guests begin to get murdered one after the other.

Gumnaam thriller movie


30. 404: Error Not Found (2011)

A rational person and student of science, Abhimanyu’s beliefs are challenged when he gets a room that is thought to be haunted by a student, who committed suicide there, and he experiences some unusual things happening around him.

404- Error Not Found movie


31. Rahasya (2015)

When Dr Sachin Mahajan is accused of killing Ayesha, his own daughter, all the evidence is against him. However, CBI Officer Paraskar starts a fresh investigation which leads him to disturbing truths.

Rahasya movie


32. The Stone man Murders (2009)

Mumbai of 1980s is terrorised by a serial killer who ruthlessly kills pavement dwellers in their sleep. A suspended police officer then decides to step in and conduct an investigation.

The Stone man Murders movie


33. No Smoking (2007)

K, a chain-smoker, visits a rehabilitation centre to quit smoking. He is released after he signs a cheque for 21 lakh rupees and is warned that his family will be killed if he dares to smoke again.

no smoking movie


34. Talaash: The Answer Lies Within (2012)

Talaash thriller movie


35. Table No. 21 (2013)

Vivaan and Siya, a couple bored with their married life, enter a game show to win an attractive prize. However, the activity soon turns into a dangerous game of survival.

Table no 21 movie


36. Agni Sakshi

Suraj Kapoor is a wealthy man who marries Shivangi and they both have a happy married life. Surprisingly, the couple gets approached by a man who claims that Shivangi is his wife, Madhu.

Agni sakshi movie


37. Kaun? (1999)

On a stormy evening, an announcement is made on the television about a serial killer at large. Soon, a woman who is alone at home finds the doorbell ringing and a stranger pleads to enter her home.

Kaun movie


38. Ugly

Rahul, a struggling actor, searches for his daughter, Kali, after she goes missing. Soon, he and Bose, her stepfather who is also a policeman, begin to accuse each other of kidnapping her.

Ugly movie 2013


39. Special 26 (2013)

A team of tricksters pose as CBI officers and conduct raids to rob politicians and businessmen of their black money. With the real CBI on their trail, they decide to pull off their biggest robbery.

special26 movie

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