How ToTips About How To Fight With Pollution In Cities

Tips About How To Fight With Pollution In Cities


Anti Pollution Mask

Most of the cities are too much crowded and polluted, as there are too much opportunity of businesses which attract people to come for work and lived there. And that is a reason cities always have traffic jam and these vehicles produce air pollution in huge amount. Along with Factories and commercialisation also pollute air. So If you are living in city you must have to protect yourself from the air pollution. There are plenty of anti pollution mask available in market or online. You can buy them according to the level of air pollution in your city.


anti air pollution mask


Water Purifier

Water is as much important as air in our life. We use water in cooking food, cleaning, drinking etc. And it should be purified and clear. But in most of the cities recycles water is used for drinking use, and its not always purified to drinking. So you should have a good water purified at home for better health.

water purifier


Air Purifier

As I already told you about the air pollution. So to protect our lungs from air pollution we should put air purifier in our home and office.



Use Public Transport

To save our environment we should use public transport to level down the air pollution in our cities. Less vehicles less air pollution.



Use CNG or Electric Vehicle

You can also use CNG vehicles or Electric vehicles to save our environment. Also CNG & Electricity are much cheaper than petrol & diesel.



Consume Green Tea

Food rich in antioxidant help stop the damage in the body caused by toxins and Green Tea is a best option for that.



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