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10 Baby Shower Games To Raise Actual Fun


Being pregnant is not an easy job. It is one of the most crucial, precious, and difficult parts of a woman’s life. Baby Shower is a day that comes around sometimes when the woman is most vulnerable. She is either too tired of being pregnant or is expecting soon. There are hormonal changes, mood swings, etc. Hence celebrating a day like this can give her some joy and make her feel really special, if done right.

So here we come up with 10 amazing baby shower games that can be enjoyed by everyone present there:-

1. Bottle Chugging

Fill an entire baby bottle for each person present in the baby shower. You can fill it with something that they prefer like juice, milk, tea, etc. a person sets timer and check who can drink most in one minute.

bottle chugging baby shower game

2. Song Search

Set timer to 3 or 5 minutes and give each person a sheet of paper and a pen. Start the timer and ask everybody to list down as many songs that contain “baby” in it. The person who writes the most, wins.

Song Search baby shower game

3. Forbidden Word

Give each person a pin or a brooch at the beginning of the shower. And tell everyone that they can’t use the word “baby” till the end of the shower. If anyone hears the forbidden word from someone’s mouth, they can steal the pin that was given to them. the person who has collected most pins till the end of the part wins and gets a present.

forbidden word baby shower game

4. Guess the Baby

Everybody brings a picture of them as a baby to the shower and places it on a table. When all the pictures are collected, people start matching the baby picture with the correct guest.

guess the baby shower game

5. Items in the Bag

Put at least 10 commonly used baby items in a bag like diapers, onesies, a bib, teething toys, bottle, etc. Give each person a paper and a pen. Pass the bag around and each person gets to touch each item in the bag, and without looking list down all the items that were present. The person with the greatest number of correct guesses wins.

guess what baby item baby shower game

6. Embarrassing Stories

If you are looking for some good laughter then this game can prove worthy. Ask everyone to narrate a really embarrassing or funny story of themselves when they were young. This game can also be a really good ice-breaker.

Embarrassing Stories baby shower games

7. Diaper Changing

For this game, you will need a couple of baby-dolls and few packets of diaper. Put the diapers on the baby-dolls (if you want to make them dirty, you can add a spoon of Nutella). Give each person one baby-doll, few tissues and a diaper. Blindfold each person and ask them to change the diaper. The process will also include wiping the Nutella, if you have put some.

8. Guess the Baby Food

Pair up the guests and blindfold one partner. Now take at least 10 baby food of different flavours. The other partner has to feed the blindfolded one and they have to guess the flavour of the baby food. Their face expression will be worth watching.

guess the baby food baby shower game

9. Baby Charades

Charades is a game that can be turned and twisted according to the situation. Make two teams and a person from one team comes out and the other team can give them phrases like breastfeeding, diaper changing and the person has to go back to their team and enact the phrase until the team guesses it. You can also set a time limit to make the game more competitive.

Baby Charades baby shower game

10. Baby Twister

Inflate a balloon and put it underneath the shirt of each person. With this big belly make them play twister. The person whose balloon pops out is out of the game. The person who manages to remain till the end of the game wins.

baby twister baby shower game

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