How To How to Convince People for Whatever You Want

How to Convince People for Whatever You Want


1. Nod and make people agree with you

When you are trying to convince someone just nod while speaking. This will give them an impression that everything you are saying is true and chances of them agreeing with you will increase by 48%.

Nod and make people agree with you


2. Say he said even when your dad didn’t

When you want to make someone take your words seriously just say this is something your dad told you.  We have inbuilt tendency to believe advices of parents.

Say he said even when your dad didnt


3. Convince the friend that you actually heard them

If you want to convince a friend that u actually heard them even when you didn’t just rephrase every bits and pieces you heard and tell it to them.  This will make them believe you were attentive even when you were not.

Convince the friend that you actually heard them



4. Make your way easily through the crowd

If you want people to give you way in crowd just keep looking in the direction you are going instead of here and there while walking. People usually look at person’s eyes to judge which direction they are moving in.

Make your way easily through the crowd



5. Use person’s  tiredness

If you want someone to do something for you. Tell it to them when they are mentally or physically tired. They may not have an exact answer but they won’t have energy to say no and argue and will eventually agree. If you see

Signs of fatigue just jump right in. if not an instant agreement at least you will get your demands and requests through for a start.

Use person’s tiredness


6. Get the truth out

If you want someone to tell you the truth. Talk to them after midnight as people are mentally more vulnerable to revelations when they are sleepy. This trick works when you are chatting.

Does he like you?


7. Does he like you?

If you doubt that someone is checking you out, just yawn and slowly look at them. If they yawn it means they were looking at you.

Does he like you?

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