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Love Story of Julie Yaeger & Paul Rudd (Ant-Man). How Do They Meet?


A movie star meets a publicist in New York. The actor knew no one there and fell in love with the publicist. They got married and lived happily ever after. It does seem like the plot of a Rom-Com movie. Tell you the truth, it is the love story of Paul Rudd with his wife Julie Yaeger.

Paul Rudd is all over the news for being a superhero in the Marvel movies. The Ant-Man star is also famous for not aging at all. You can compare his photos from old movies and recent ones. One of the major reasons Paul Rudd gave is his successful marriage with Julie Yaeger.

Who is Julie Yaeger exactly? Let’s find out.

Paul Rudd Julie Yaeger

Back in 1995, Paul got a big break with the rom-com movie ‘Clueless’. He recently moved to New York and had no acquaintances. He dropped his luggage at the publicist’s office and went for an audition. A lady assured her that his luggage was safe there. It was Julie Yaeger. Later, he asked her out.

Paul literally married the first woman he met in New York. He stated in an interview that Julie was quite mature at such a young age. Paul found the perfect woman and he liked many things about Julie. Besides, Clueless’s director also advised him to hire a publicist.


Julie Yaeger – From Publicist to Screenwriter

Julie Yaeger wife of Paul Rudd

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Julie Yaeger is many things apart from being the perfect homemaker. She started her career as a publicist. For many movies, she worked as a unit publicist. Some of those movies include “Niagara Niagara” and “Mr. Jealousy.” She also played a small role in the 1997’s hit film “Men in Black.”

It can be said that dating someone from the industry helps a lot. However, she had donned many hats over the years. She worked for the companies like McDougall Communications and Good Way Group as a digital media coordinator. She also produced a TV Series titled ‘The Suite With Dave Karger.”

Later, she tried her luck in screenwriting as well. Her work as a screenwriter was shown in the movie “Fun Mom Dinner” in 2017 directed by Alethea Jones. Sadly, the movie tanked at the box office. However, the characters from the movie received praise from the critics.
They Dated for 8 Years, Married for 18 Years

As the couple revealed in their interviews, Paul asked Julie out for a date. Later, the bonding between the two led to series of dates and 8 years’ flews like montage shots in Edger Wright’s films. On the 23rd of February, 2003, the couple got married in a private ceremony.

The nuptial ceremony was only attended by family members. Now, they are blessed with two kids, son Jack Sullivan Rudd, and a daughter, Darby Rudd. Even though the couple didn’t disclose their personal matters in media, we can clearly see the immense love between the duo.

Julie and Paul both have Awesome Parenting Skills

Julie Yaeger paul rudd kids

Paul Rudd always talks about the parenting skills and the bond he shares with his kids. In many of his interviews, he came up with stories about how he is not the coolest dad for his kids. He narrated the moment when he broke the news of playing superhero Ant-Man in marvel movies to his kids.

He wanted to see their expression but they were not at all impressed. Kids were like they can’t wait to see how stupid that would be. In another incident, kids were laughing when Paul Rudd was knocked down on the ground in ‘Undercover Boss’.

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The Secret Sauce Behind Paul and Julie’s 18 Years of Marriage

paul rudd love life

Paul Rudd and Julie Yaeger are one of the power couples in Hollywood. They always place the ‘family’ on the priority list. On top of that, the major reason for their successful marriage is the fact that they let go of each other’s mistakes and accept each other’s opposite personalities.

Hollywood couples often go on vacations but Paul and Julie love to spend their time at home with their kids. The couple always took time off from work to spend quality time with each other and stay away from the limelight.

Julie Yaeger paul rudd love

The family of four often makes public appearances as well. They attend the movie premiers, red carpet events together. Julie and Paul managed to have a perfect balance between their professional and personal life. Paul Rudd always mentioned that Julie knows how to take care of him and it matters to him the most.


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