HealthThings You Need to Start Practicing Yoga

Things You Need to Start Practicing Yoga


Yoga is a practice that can help you with not just one but a myriad of issues. It can be a useful tool to boost your immunity, or tone your body, give you inner strength and even cleanse your mind and lead you to a spiritual way of life. As a beginner, there are a number of things that you have to keep in mind while starting with the practice of yoga. For example, what goal do you want to attain? What kind of classes or guidance to seek? But one thing that doesn’t require as much thought is the materialistic things that you require to do yoga.

Yoga is one physical activity that requires the least number of tools or gear to practice. It is just your self-discipline and determination that are essential for you to practice it regularly. Although there are some things that you can buy to make the beginning of the practice easier. Hence, we have listed down few tools that you can shop for before starting.

1. Comfortable Yoga Clothing

It is a wise decision to have the perfect clothing before you start practicing yoga. Two things that you need to look for before selecting the clothes is your comfort and breathable material. Another thing to keep in mind is not buying clothes that hide your form and that is because the teacher has to see your posture, otherwise it could all go wrong. And hence, try to say no to palazzo or really loose t-shirts. A good yoga pant can cost you anywhere between $5 and $100. So choose your clothes according to your budget.

Comfortable Yoga Clothing

2. Yoga Mat

There are two options when going for the mat. You can either rent them from the place you will be practicing at or you can buy a brand new mat for yourself. The things to keep in mind before buying a mat include the price, as the mat can range anywhere between $5 and $200. You can go for a mat anywhere between $40 and $60 for a decent quality. The other thing that you should keep in mind is the thickness. If you are going for some advanced yoga techniques, choosing a thin mat can hurt your knees or ankles. Quarter-inch thickness is something that will protect you from bruising.

Yoga Mat Buy

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3. Mat Towel

If you are opting for power yoga, you may sweat quite a lot. This can make your mat slippery and you may end up getting injured. A standard beach towel can help in soaking up the sweat but for more specific types of yoga, you may want to check towels that are sold specifically for the mat. These towels are usually the size of a standard mat and are made of material that have good absorbent qualities. Some of the towels even have rubber nubs to prevent any kind of slippage.

Yoga mat Towel

4. Water Bottle

Mot of the yoga studios have a water cooler but there is no harm in bringing your own water bottle. It is really important to stay hydrated while practicing yoga and hence, it is advised to go for 800mL bottle or above. Buying an insulated bottle can also help you if you prefer cold water and are living in a warmer region.

Water Bottle - Yoga accessories

5. Other Tools

There are few tools that help the beginners to get into the correct posture and help them balance while practicing yoga. Some of these items include, yoga blocks, bolsters, yoga straps, etc. If you think you can manage without them, then there is no need to buy them specifically. There are a lot of household items that you can use like pillows, cushions, etc that can serve the same purpose, but if you want to go for the full yoga gear, then you can go for these items and they will not cost you more than $30-$40 combined.

Yoga Tools & Equipment

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