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How To Lose Weight With These 5 Yoga Poses (Watch)


Does Yoga Help Losing Weight? Yoga, as we all know, is a physical practice that has a number of scientifically proven benefits. Different types of yoga practices are known to have different results on the mind and body. Whereas some are focused to provide you with mental peace and spiritual enlightenment, there are others that help your body in boosting immunity or focusing on strength and endurance.

There are certain techniques in yoga that can also help you losing weight as practicing some asanas regularly can burn calories. The type of yoga that you do plays a major role in determining how soon are you going to lose the extra calories. And if you are active throughout the day, practicing yoga can ease the process of losing weight for you.


So, here we are with five different types and poses in yoga that will help you lose weight:-


1. Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutations for weight loss

There are twelve steps to doing the perfect Surya Namaskara, a yoga pose that can help you lose weight easily and effectively. You can even increase the intensity by doing it a number of times and holding each pose for a long time. The step-by-step process of surya namaskara is as follows:

Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutations Yoga for weight loss
Lose Weight Surya Namaskara

Step 1: Stand straight and inhale as you lift your arms over your head.
Step 2: Exhale as you dive down into a forward bend.
Step 3: Jump or step back into a plank pose.
Step 4: Hold in the plank position for few breaths.
Step 5: Drop your knees down and lower your body and lie down on your stomach.
Step 6: Extend your legs, turn the tops of your feet to the mat, and place your hands under your shoulders.
Step 7: Inhale and lift your body up in the cobra pose.
Step 8: Exhale and rise up to the downward-facing dog pose.
Step 9: Hold on downward facing dog for few breaths.
Step 10: Exhale and jump or step on your feet and keep standing in a forward bend.
Step 11: Inhale to lift up your arms overhead.
Step 12: Exhale and lower your arms to either side of your body.


2. Warrior Two Pose for weight loss

This exercise or yoga pose is known to build endurance on your thighs, legs, and hips. The step-by-step procedure of warrior two poses is as follows:

Warrior Two Yoga Pose for weight loss
Lose Weight with Warrior Two Yoga Pose

Step 1: Stand straight with your legs separated widely.
Step 2: Point your right leg to 90 degrees towards your right and your left leg to 10-15 degrees to your right.
Step 3: Rise your arms to the shoulder level on either side and turn your neck towards right.
Step 4: Look over your right middle finger.
Step 5: Lengthen through your arms and bend your right knee directly above your right feet.

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3. Boat Pose for weight loss

This yoga pose is known to engage your whole body and put pressure specifically on your abdomen. The step-by-step procedure of boat pose is as follows:

Boat Pose or Nokasana Yoga for weight loss
Lose weight with Nokasana or Boat Pose

Step 1: Sit on your mat with your knees joined together and your legs extended in front of you.
Step 2: Bend your knees and lift your feet off the floor such that your thighs are at an angle to the floor.
Step 3: Extend your arms in front of your so that they are parallel to the floor.
Step 4: Try to straighten your legs while keeping your torso lifted.
Step 5: Hold on to this pose for at least 5 breaths.
Step 6: Repeat the pose for at least five times.



4. Chaturangadandasana or Plank Pose for weight loss

The plank pose is proven to reduce the fat on the belly. There are many variations of the plank pose but it is advised to spend at least 10-20 minutes in this pose for effects to be visible. The procedure on how to correctly do the plank pose is as follows:

Chaturangadandasana or Plank Pose Yoga for weight Loss
Lose weight with Chaturangadandasana or Plank Pose

Step 1: Hold your body in the table-top position.
Step 2: Step your feet back with your heels lifted.
Step 3: Bring your body to a straight line.
Step 4: Engage your core, arms and leg muscles.
Step 5: Hold for at least a minute.


5. Dhanurasana or Bow Pose for weight loss

If you want to lose your belly fat and also improve your digestion, this is the perfect pose for you. This pose also helps you in tightening the thigh muscles and massaging the abdominal organs. The step-by-step procedure to do the bow pose is as follows:

Dhanurasana or Bow Pose Yoga for weight loss
Lose weight with Dhanurasana or bow pose.

Step 1: Lie down on your stomach.
Step 2: Rise your legs above the floor.
Step 3: Take the support of your palms and try to rise your upper body too.
Step 4: Hold both the ankles with your hand to make a bow-like structure.
Step 5: Hold on to this posture for a few breaths.


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