How To Tell If Girl Likes You?


Love is a beautiful feeling and we all being in a relationship or out of a relationship have some experience of what and how is it to be in love? 

But the major part comes in to find out what if the girl you admire or what if the girl you like, likes you back or not?

It’s not a complex thing but in the end, it’s all about the observation through the way she speaks to you or behaves with you.

How she reacts to your jokes and how she actually responds to your conversation,

Because one-sided affair can lead to a total breakdown so before moving way too forward, it’s very important to know if the girl you like or how can you figure out, if a girl likes you or not. 

We can surely help you by suggesting the most basic ways in which you can actually find out the solution for all your problems:

Firstly, it’s very important to know about her in the sense about her likes and dislikes so that you can at least start a conversation about something rather than not being too obvious in front of her but in the same time getting and giving her the right indication. Obviously, if she likes you, she will surely give you slight indications about her liking or maybe the conversation whatever is happening between you both can lead to a healthy flirting but at the end it all depends on the efforts taken by both the sides.

Secondly, making your girl a little bit of jealous is not that bad because it is one way of knowing her true feelings towards you but don’t exaggerate it or else she will lose the interest in you. So it’s important to think smart and play smart accordingly.

But do remember, all the girls are not similar so maybe few of them won’t be so open about sharing their feelings at once but you need to have patience for the right time maybe at the same time other girls might be quite outspoken about how they feel for you, they might end up blushing when they are around you or they might be noticing you a lot.

There might be a feeling of something different when your eyes meet her or maybe she might unintentionally touch you so anything can happen when it comes to find out if the girl likes you or not but don’t over speed anything. Instead, take it slow and steady.

Well, all these signs are quite the obvious ways of finding out if a girl really likes you or not.

Majorly, you will notice that particular girl might be coincidently bumping into you or maybe her friends try to talk to you about her and the most obvious way of finding out is when she is comfortable talking to you in the sense she opens up to you and wants to know about you even more. 

The best way would be actually to make her comfortable and play with the words that are how you can actually impress her and you never know, you might know it for the fact that she is the right one and she actually likes you. 

At times, during the conversation, she might give you a hint that she is single or maybe she might compliment you whenever you dress up differently so that basically means she has something for you and she does notice you. The obvious fact about the majority of the girls is the way they behave around you and around her other friends. For instance, whenever she is talking to you, she might be playing with her hair or she might be actually blushing so observe and then think rather than directly coming to the conclusion. 

Like we mentioned above, few of the girls are quite outspoken so she might end up making a plan with you alone to know you better or maybe she talks about the future. She literally doesn’t use her phone when she is with you but totally focuses upon you and the conversation that is happening between you too.

One more interesting way to find out is the great social media. Thanks to social media, it does help us in a lot of ways but in this case, you will be able to find out if she really likes you or not, How?

If she randomly likes your pictures or maybe whenever you text her, she frequently talks to you at the night and she might be the first one to stalk you or maybe to send you the request. 

In the end, it’s all about the observation and the efforts moreover these few signs will definitely help you to find the solution to your problem moreover you never know, you might be lucky enough to get your lady love within few weeks so be observant and little smart with the way you talk. 

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