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Best Ways to Protect Your Walls from Dirt & Dust


The exterior walls of your home or office bear the brunt of heat, rain, moisture, dust, and pollution. This makes them dull and drab over time. Fortunately, there is an easy way to keep these walls looking as good as new. All you need to do is choose good quality exterior wall paints, scientifically developed to withstand the elements. But appearance is only one of the many reasons why you should protect the exterior walls of your property.


Reasons to Protect Your Exteriors from Dirt and Dust

The accumulation of dust and dirt on the outside wall paint not only makes it look shabby and quite often affects the strength of the wall too. Some reasons to protect the exteriors are:

  • To Maintain the Visual Appeal: The accumulation of dirt reduces the sheen and lustre of the outer wall paint, making the colour look faded. But regular cleaning of the exterior walls is an impractical undertaking. It is much easier to look for products that can protect the walls from dirt and moisture.
  • Leads to Algae and Bacteria Growth: Growth of algae and mould on the external walls of your home is common, especially in humid weather. However, mould and mildew can be very harmful to health. They are known to cause upper respiratory problems, including asthma.
  • Leads to Allergy and Respiratory Issues: Another negative health impact of dust and dirt is that it can irritate the respiratory system of the occupants of your home. Dust is a common cause of allergies too.

While finalising paints to protect your outdoor walls from dust, moisture, and heat, look for the ones that are environmentally friendly and have the Green-Pro certification, such as Berger exterior paints. This way you get to take care of the environment’s health as well.


Choose a Paint with Anti-Dust Technology

paint with anti dust technology

You can protect the exteriors of your home by choosing specially designed paints like Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dustt, which comes with innovative Dust Guard Technology that prevents all types of dust and dirt from settling on the walls. In fact, it offers complete weather protection, including from rain and heat. This external paint comes with a five-year warranty. The anti-dust paint comes with lightfast pigments and special additives that impart a soft and glossy finish to the exterior walls.

The application of the anti-dust paint ensures that the wall remains clean and stain-free. But before you get your walls painted, ensure that they are waterproofed with special coatings and resins like Berger Home Shield Dampstop and Wall Shield 2K to prevent water seepage, and mould and mildew growth.


Choose Glossy Finish Paints That are Dust Resistant

choose Glossy Finish Paints

While choosing paints with a glossy finish for your exterior walls, since flat and matte paints have more pores that allow dust and dirt particles to settle on them. You could consider a unique look a combination of colours. For this, check out Berger Paints exterior colour combinations with the online Virtual Painter to make an informed choice.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for textures to give your exteriors a luxury designer finish, choose a weather-proof texture finish like Berger Florentina Glitteratti, which is also resistant to fungal and algal growth.


Tips to Use Dust Repelling Paints

Before applying the exterior wall paint, the walls will need to be prepared. This includes:

  • Cleaning the walls thoroughly to remove any existing mould, dirt, and dust. This will help you get the best look from the paint.
  • Check for cracks and uneven surfaces on the walls and get them repaired for a smooth surface.
  • To protect the outside walls, apply an undercoat like Berger Seal-O-Prime, the only product available in the Indian market with a triple booster formulation to fight against dampness, efflorescence, and alkalinity. It offers a superior undercoat for direct topcoat application.


The easiest way to ensure that all the right steps are followed is to enlist the services of experienced professionals, such as the Berger Paints Express Painting team. They will take care of the entire process, from inspecting the walls to cleaning up the site once the painting is completed. This way, you can only need to take care of the fun parts, like choosing the colours and textures that will make your home stand out from the others on your street. Plus, all the products they use are Green Pro certified, which means that you get to do your bit for the environment.

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