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Where To Go Next: 6 Best Places in The USA


Looking for Best Places to travel in the USA? The US is a mixed bag for travelers. Whatever may be your purpose of traveling, there are a variety of places in USA for you to explore. Each of the places to travel in the USA is unique in its very own way. From music festivals to serene sea beaches, from barren mountain tops to lively vineyard towns, USA has it all. So, here is a list of places to travel in USA if you are planning a vacation there anytime soon.


Here are 6 Best Places to Visit in the USA, you should think to visit:-

1. Kansas City, Missouri

places to visi in USA Kansas City

If you are a music lover then Kansas City is the place for you to visit. This city has such a beautiful legacy of jazz music and if you visit here during the annual Blues and Jazz festival which takes place here every July then you will create memories of a lifetime for sure. If you are in the city then you must visit the famous jazz club, Blue Room. A small general knowledge fact, Kansas City is known as the “city of fountains”. So, for photographers and selfie lovers, this place has a lot of picturesque locations and could be considered as one of the best places to travel in the US.


2. Long Beach, California

places to visi in USA Long beach City

If beaches are your first love then this is the place for you to visit. This seaside city which is situated outside Los Angeles has a lot of things to see and to do. If you are a marine life enthusiast then this place is a must-visit for you as here you will find “Aquarium of the Pacific”, a place full of a variety of marine life. Catalina Island, scenic beauty is just a little while away and you can easily get there with the help of a ferry. While you get to Catalina Island make sure not to miss the dolphins and whales that you will encounter along the way.

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3. Healdsburg, California

places to visit in usa Healdsburg

If food is what inspires you to travel then Healdsburg is the place for you to visit. This beautiful gem situated in the lap of the wine country is a must-visit for every foodie out there. This small town is full of vineyards and Michelin star restaurants serving lip-smacking food. There are a variety of wine and food tasting walking tours in this city which you should definitely try while you are here. Food is not the only thing for you to try here, you can also spend a lazy afternoon at the mesmerizing Lake Sonoma and can even take a Sonoma horseback riding tour.


4. Bend, Oregon City, USA

places to visi in USA Bend City

This scenic destination is one of the best places to travel in US which you should definitely not miss. If you are a photographer then this is the ultimate place for you to visit. There are a lot of photography tours that keep happening in this place. You can explore some of the breathtaking spots of the Oregon high desert both in day or night. You can easily get local guides to help you out through the tour. If you are here then make sure to visit the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, where you can see the preserved volcanic material. You can also trek through the lava caves here.

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5. St. Petersburg, Florida

places to visit in usa st petersburg florida

St. Petersburg is called the “Sunshine City” and when you will visit here you will get to know why it is called so. It is a beautiful and warm town set on the Florida Gulf Coast. If you are visiting the “Sunshine City” during spring then you will surely not want to miss the St. Petersburg Mainsail Arts Festival. The festival is such a lovely place to be filled with live music, delicious food, artists and a whole lot of entertainment. Apart from all these there is also a lot of other things to do while you are here like the Mangrove Kayak tour or the Stand-Up pedalboard tour. On the Stand-up pedalboard tour, there is a great chance that you can spot dolphins.


6. Fort Collins, Colorado

places to visi in USA Fort-Collins-Colorado

Fort Collins is a really amazing place surrounded by breathtaking mountain peaks in the USA. This lovely town is filled with pubs, eateries serving local delicacies, boutiques, and whatnot. You can experience a variety of adventure activities here in the Poudre River like a simple photo – op or hiking or a whitewater rafting adventure. Fort Collins is called the “Napa Valley of beer” and you will experience it right so when you will set on the Fort Collins Bike and Brewery tour to taste Colorado’s best beer.


USA has something in store for everybody irrespective of the type of person you are. I will recommend that if you are looking for places to travel in the US then you definitely try the places and activities mentioned above.


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