12 Best Things To Do In Seattle, A City With Mountains, Water & Diverse Population


Seattle is the biggest city in Washington State, USA. Being in the pacific northwest, the city has a diverse population and is surrounded by water on one side, and mountains and evergreen forests on the other. the city is home to large tech industries including Amazon and Microsoft. The suburbs of the city are filled with lush natural and scenic beauty whereas the metropolitan area is known for the advancement in technologies.

The city also boasts thousands of acres of park which are wonderful to visit. In a place like such, you can imagine plenty of places to visit, and Seattle truly lives up to your expectations.


So here we come up with 12 fun and cool things to do in Seattle:-


1. Seattle Center

Seattle Center is a whopping 74 acres wide which consists of a cultural zone, arts, and entertainment zones. The place is worth a whole day’s visit. During holidays, there is something or the other always going on in the center, including PrideFest which happens at the end of June and attracts more than 30,000 people.

things to do in Seattle - Seattle Center


2. Space Needle

One of the defining features of the city is the Space Needle which stands as a symbol of the city. Once the tallest building in Mississippi, the tower stands at a height of 184 meters. You can ascend on the glass elevator towards the observation deck which is 160 meters. The tilting glass of the observation deck allows you to view Seattle from 24 different vantage points.

things to do in Seattle - Space Needle


3. Museum of Pop Culture

Established by Microsoft Co-founder Paul Allen, the museum stages changing of all aspects of popular culture including video games, science fiction, horror movies, etc. There are a number of exhibitions that take place throughout the year. If you are lucky enough you will surely find something surprising there.

Things to do in Seattle - Museum of Pop Culture
Fun Things to do in Seattle


4. Seattle Art Museum

If you are not a fan of pop culture, Seattle has something for you too. The museum has a mesmerizing collection of Native American Art which not just includes paintings, but also basketry, masks, textiles, and more. There are also collections of paintings from the Italian early Renaissance, and art from the Northwest.

things to do in Seattle - Seattle Art Museum
Middle Fork

5. Seattle Great Wheel

This giant wheel is another tourist magnet in Seattle. The wheel stands for more than 53 meters. The scenery from the top is breathtaking. The wheel has fully enclosed capsules so that you can enjoy the view even during rainy and cold weather. And if you want a more lavish view, there is a VIP pod that has glass floors, leather seats, champagne, and more.

things to do in Seattle - Seattle Great Wheel


6. Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour

Due to a fire breakout in the late 1800s, 31 blocks in Seattle were wiped out. The reconstructed city was at least one to two stories higher than the original streets. But there is a way to explore the forgotten street through a 75-minute walking tour.

things to do in Seattle - Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour
Things to do in Seattle


7. Museum of Flight

Museum of Flight is the largest air and space privately owned museum. The museum exhibits a vast number of aircraft and their cockpits including the Gossamer Albatross II. There’s also a cockpit from Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird and a de Havilland Comet, the world’s first jetliner. There’s also a space gallery with NASA and Russian hardware.

things to do in Seattle - Museum of Flight


8. Washington Park Arboretum

This magnificent 230-acre park is on the shores of Lake Washington. You can visit the park daily from dawn to dusk, which too absolutely free of cost. The place has a world-class collection of maples, oaks, etc. The center of attraction is Azalea Way which is a long walk encompassing flowers, cherries, magnolias, and more.

things to do in Seattle - Washington Park Arboretum


9. Smith Tower

Before the Space Needle was built, this was the city’s first skyscraper. Even now it attracts many tourists because of its structure and architecture. It is also one of the last buildings to employ elevator operators. The carved teak ceilings in the observation deck give you a flashback from the past.

things to do in Seattle - Smith Tower


10. Washington State Ferries

You haven’t fully explored Seattle if you haven’t crossed Puget Sound on a ferry. The Washington State Ferries is the largest fleet of ferry operators in the USA. Looking back, you can view the skyline and beaches of West Seattle.

things to do in Seattle - Washington State Ferries


11. Alki Beach

In the hot summer, it wouldn’t take you much time to just lie down on a beach. Alki Beach is a place where you can find all the views that you expect including Blake Island, the Olympic mountains, a stream of water from Puget Sound, and much more. You can even set camps and enjoy the sunset and night beside a campfire.

things to do in Seattle - Alki Beach


12. Kerry Park

The place offers the ultimate view of Seattle. The panoramic view from the park encompasses all the things that people associate with the city including the Space Needle, the open water of Puget Sound, snow-capped Mount Rainier, and more.

things to do in Seattle - Kerry Park


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