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Dave Chappelle’s Wife Elaine Chappelle’s Net Worth and Surprising Facts


As we all know David Khari Webber Chappelle aka Dave Chappelle is a stand-up comedian, producer, actor, and writer. He is a recipient of a number of awards including two Emmy awards and two Grammy awards. He is best known for his satirical comedy series called “Chappelle’s Show”. Chappelle married Elaine in 2001who is of Pilipino descent.

Here, we talk about a few interesting facts about Elaine Chappelle and her actual worth being the wife of a much-talked comedian.

Who is Elaine Chappelle?

Elaine Chappelle, born Elaine Mendoza Erfe, was born in Brooklyn, New York. Being of Philippine descent, she was born on 31st August 1974. Not much is known about Elaine’s early life. She was born to Philippine Immigrants and was raised with traditional Christian beliefs. Elaine always had a dream of becoming a chef. It was in 2001 when Elaine became the loving wife of Dave Chappelle after a very long romantic relationship. Now the couple has been blessed with three kids, two sons, and a daughter.

Dave Chappelle wife Elaine Chappelle

Chappelle is known to be a family man but his style of comedy showed the opposite. His show, called The Chappelle Show, began to structure his lifestyle and he made a conscious decision to call the show-off. He decided to stay in South Africa for a while and this was when the media started spreading the rumors that Chappelle has left his wife.

Elaine was shocked to see all this and she stood for her husband. She came out as a shield who also urged him to stay in South Africa for some more time. She supported him on every step and until he decided to come back on the stage. And it was in 2017 when he appeared for the first time in his own Netflix comedy special.

The couple used to appear lesser in front of the media. They made their first public appearance at the annual Philippines-American picnic in Dayton, Ohio. Though Dave has shared a lot of heart-warming stories of their relationships, Elaine’s public information is little.

Dave Chappelle with Wife Elaine Chappelle

How Much is Dave Chappelle’s Wife Worth?

As she had a dream of becoming a chef as a child, but currently she loves spending her time with her kids at home and show her culinary skills. Whereas Netflix has offered up to 60 million dollars for three comedy specials. The Chappelle couple has a net worth of around 50 million dollars.

Most of the couple’s wealth still comes from the popularity of The Chappelle Show. Chappelle has got really loyal friends and even during his hiatus, he maintained some connections with his fans and followers through social media. Since Chappelle has been out of the spotlight for so long, he doesn’t get much from endorsements or other lucrative deals.

David Chappelle has also acted in various movies that have contributed to his net worth. His latest film appearance was in a 2015 Spike Lee’s satire ‘Chi-Raq’. These movies have contributed to Dave’s net worth and subsequently to Elaine’s worth.

Elaine Chappelle

The 65-Acre Farm

A person’s net worth is also attributed to their assets. To count it in, Dave, Elaine, and their kids have a massive 65-acre farm which has an estimated value of 2.5 million dollars. The farm is located in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The family leads a very modest life. Dave even made a statement when he turned down a 50 million dollar contract with Comedy Central saying that he doesn’t need 50 million dollars to live in these parts.

Dave Chappelle with wife Elaine Chappelle

Dave Chappelle’s Other Sources of Income

Chappelle has been thinking about diversifying his income. He was planning to be the landlord on a 470,000 dollars strip mall with a number of businesses. But eventually, he stopped thinking about that. The couple currently is embracing their return in the spotlight and they currently don’t have any plans on changing their lifestyle.

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