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Love Story of Chunky Pandey and His Soulmate Bhavna Pandey


Bhavna Pandey

Aakhiri Pasta of modern film industry and a superstar of 80s and 90s, Chunky Pandey, has touched the hearts of a number of girls. The real name of Chunky Pandey is Suyash Pandey and is a versatile actor of Bollywood. The actor also has a huge fan following among Bangladeshi audience and currently holds a stable position in the Bollywood.

Bhavna Pandey

Where Did It All Begin?

Chunky Pandey was initially involved with former VJ and Miss India Anu Kottoor. They were in a relationship for almost two years before they decided to get engaged. But their relationship started witnessing downfall after their engagement and so, they decided to break it off.

Bhavna Pandey

After the breakup, Chunky Pandey was really in a bad place and wanted some tough love. That is when Bhavna entered his life. Chunky Pandey never thought that a relationship or a marriage can build a person’s career or life but now he agrees and is glad to have met and married Bhavna at the right time.

Bhavna Pandey

Ideal Woman

When asked about his perception of an ideal woman, Chunky Pandey gave a witty answer saying that he needed some love to take him from point A to point B as he is a lazy person. He even admitted that his ideal woman needs to be caring and funny and also should know a thing or two about cooking. He further added that he was tired of the women who knew nothing about cooking.

Bhavna Pandey

Wedding Bells

Marriage was not really the answer to Chunky Pandey’s troubles and questions. This is what he believed during the earlier part of his career when it was at its peak. After his career became standstill, and when he was least expecting it, the wedding bells came ringing. Chunky Pandey admits that marriage and kids have helped a lot in overcoming his troubles.

When asked about marriage to Bhavna, she had almost similar answer and admitted that marriage was an eye opener to her as well. She believes that marriage helped them grow closer and complete each other to make an individual.

Bhavna Pandey

Couple and the Kids

This couple has two daughters, Ananya and Rysa and according to Chunky Pandey, the arrival of the kids actually made their lives much better and wholesome. This was also the time when Chunky switched to Bengali film industry and got fame. He surely attributes his success to his daughters.

Bhavna Pandey
Bhavna Pandey

Chunky and Bhavna Pandey both are very caring and loving parents. They have been spotted enjoying their leisure family time. The family loves planning outings together and media is the proof of the same.

Bhavna Pandey

About the parenting, Bhavna says that Chunky can be protective of her daughters sometimes, and at times he overdoes it. Chunky on the other hand says that Bhavna is a carefree person and wants to raise their daughter as more independent and self made individuals.

Bhavna Pandey
Bhavna Pandey

Present Life of the Couple

Bhavna is not an actor or a socialite and is not planning to be one. She is currently running a restaurant with her husband in the suburbs of Mumbai. The couple are partners in various other business interests of theirs and even own a stage show company in Mumbai.

Bhavna Pandey

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