HistoryTrue Hole Punch History: How This Simple Tool Change...

True Hole Punch History: How This Simple Tool Change the World?


In honor of the hole punch history, Google created an illustration of the device as a Google Doodle. Hole Punchers are essential in offices, schools, and other organizations which include paper-work. And it is not just today, this very simple organizational tool has been a necessity since you grandfathers’ or maybe even great-grandfathers’ times. These little useful tools help in keeping documents in a proper sequence.

Apart from their organizational use, these punchers are also used for creativity and sometimes for recreation. There are so many people around the world who feel satisfaction when they see holes being punched in a lot of colorful papers. This is an escape for some people.

But the question arises here is how exactly were these little tools made in the beginning and when was it that they became so popular and useful that now it is impossible to think about paper-work without them. So here we try to answer some of these questions.

Hole Punch History

Hole Punch has a very Intense History. There is a bit of confusion as to which hole-puncher patent should we give credits to as there were three patents across the world in the span of just 8 years. However, the first-ever recorded patent for a paper hole puncher was published in 1885, when Benjamin Smith invented a spring-loaded hole puncher which could also collect the little clips in the receptacle. He called it the ‘Conductor’s Punch’. Another patent was published by Charles Brooks in 1893, and he referred it to as a ‘Ticket Punch’.

Apart from these two, there was also a German man named Friedrich Soennecken who made his patent for the paper punch in November 1886. And as we have seen, Google has given its credits to the German for being the pioneer of the hole punch. Google even created a doodle to celebrate the tool’s anniversary.

Hole Punch History

Blooming Days of Hole Punch

Between 1850 to 1990, hole punchers were at their maximum usage because of the boom of the railway industry and there were more railway conductors who used it for ticket punching.

Hole Punch use as a Building Materials

Coming to the building materials, initially, they were made of metal. Then came the time when there was a blend of metals and plastic to make them look even prettier and now you can see the variations and designs to make them look attractive.

Hole Punch Variations

The classic hole punchers were exclusively used for punching holes in the paper but after few years, a tool was built to even punch holes in leather, and if you notice, even today when you want to get holes punched in a leather belt, they use a specific design of puncher to do the job. These punchers even have variations in the size of their holes, depending upon the usage. Besides, now there are a lot of punchers available which not only have a round hole but have shapes like heart, diamonds, flowers, which can be used in art and crafts.

Custom design hole punch
Trendy Custom Shape Hole Punchers

Number of Holes in Hole Puncher

The maximum number of holes that a hole puncher punches at a time in schools and offices is four. But you might get surprised to know that the maximum number of holes it can go to is 8. Apart from this, there also are industrial punchers that are really huge and work using the same mechanism.

Hole Punch with 8 hole capacity

Exceptional Use of Hole Punch

hole punched photograph from 1937 war

When the world was facing the great depression in 1937, photographers were hired to capture these vulnerable moments of the poor farmers. Roy Stryker was the person who was heading this department and to reject the photographs, he used the punchers and punched holes in the negatives. Years later, when these photographs were shown on the digital platforms, they came with a black hole in them.

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