WorldThe 8 Most Expensive Materials In the World

The 8 Most Expensive Materials In the World


Mankind is in constant search of finding hidden mysteries and treasures of earth. For ages we have believed that gold is the most expensive of all but there exists lot more to list of most expensive materials.

We at Zestvine have listed a few of them-

1. Saffron

It is a spice derived from flower called crocus. Its yellow orange colour is due to a- crocin. Not all saffron is of same quality and strength. Imported saffron sells around Rs 100000 – Rs125000 per kg.

Saffron - most expensive materials


2. Gold

It’s not unknown that we Indians are obsessed with gold. It is bright reddish yellow when in its purest form. It is sold for 86552 Rs.

Gold - most expensive materials


3. Methamphetamine

It is a potent nervous system stimulant. It is exactly what was being cooked in breaking bad by main leads. It is prohibited by law. I Kg retails for around 5 crore.

Methamphetamine - most expensive materials


4. Heroin

Heroin is a drug which people snort. Inject or creates a rush of pleasure when consumed. It is highly addictive and regular users develop a tolerance of it which means they require higher dosage. It is sold for Rs. 3 crore per kg.

Heroin - most expensive materials


5. Plutonium

It is a radioactive chemical element. It has a bright silvery appearance but it oxidizes to dull grey colour. It is also used as fuel in nuclear power plants. It costs around 31 trillion for 6 kg.

Plutonium - most expensive materials


6. Taaffeite

It is a mineral and is very rare. It is mainly found in sri lanka and costs around Rs. 1,60,256 To Rs. 12,82,010 per gram.

Taaffeite - most expensive materials


7. Diamond

Now, who doesn’t know about diamond? It is a solid form of carbon. It is naturally occurring substance and is used in making jewelleries.

Diamond - most expensive materials


8. Antimatter

Scientists say that it is costliest material to make.We will be able to use antimatter as fuel in space crafts but the drawback is that to make 1 gm of it, mankind will have to work one entire year without rest. It costs around $62.5 trillion per gram.

Antimatter - most expensive materials


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