How ToInterior Design Tips & Tricks for Small Bedroom

Interior Design Tips & Tricks for Small Bedroom


Bedroom is the most personal space of a person. Time spent here should be relaxing and soothing. Interiors play a very important role in determining and setting the mood of the room. It becomes even difficult to design a small room as options become very limited.

Here we at Zestvine are presenting you 7 such fantastic ideas to redesign your bedroom.

 1. Use mirrors to trick the eye

 Mirrors create illusion of big space. So go ahead and add mirrors to your bedroom to magnify the place.

Use mirrors to trick the eye - interior design tricks for small bedroom


2.  Say bye to dark colors

Dark colors make the room appear dull and compact. Choose muted and lively colors for your bedroom.

Say bye to dark colors


3. Use bunk beds for kids

If you have more than 1 kid replace their bed with the bunk bed. This will not only save space but will also open up extra space for their playing.

Use bunk beds for kids


4. Use built ins

Instead of adding extra furniture to store stuff use built in storage in walls. This will give a better look without an extra piece of furniture protruding outside.

Use built ins


5. Repeat pattern

Do not add a lot of pattern in a small room as it makes the room look extremely small instead keep at most 2 patterns in a small room.

Repeat pattern


6. Live vertically

This is for people who are looking to free up as maximum space as possible. This will create more storage without using extra space. The drawback is the one needs to climb up to the bed.

Live vertically


7. Hanging lights

Need more lighting in room? Don’t go for extra fittings instead opt for a hanging light. This will not only give a fancy look to the room but also save the room from looking congested.

Hanging lights

Hanging lights1


Let us now how you like our interior design tricks for small bedroom on comments below.


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