IndiaKnow About Ashwin Mehta, Brother of Harshad Mehta. What...

Know About Ashwin Mehta, Brother of Harshad Mehta. What He is Doing These Days?


Harshad Mehta’s life was one of the strangest stories that we all got to witness in detail, especially through the TV series Scam 1992. If you have watched this brilliant TV series, you are not new to the twists and turns that happened around the life of Harshad Mehta, leading his scam to take the entire Indian share market by storm. Whenever we talk about Scam 1992, all focus is on Harshad Mehta, but we also need to remember that in such a huge scam, there is more than one person involved. So, today we talk about Harshad Mehta’s brother Ashwin Mehta and what his life has been after Harshad Mehta’s demise.

Ashwin Mehta, brother of Harshad Mehta
Real Ashwin Mehta & Harshad Mehta

Ashwin Mehta, A True Brother

After Harshad Dalal got trapped in a number of allegations, his fans betrayed him and left him and his family all alone. Out of the people who stayed for him, it was his brother, Ashwin Mehta, and his wife, Jyoti Mehta. Ashwin Mehta was even jailed with Harshad Mehta for three months. Most of the cases against Harshad Mehta were dropped after his sudden death in 2001.

Getting A Clean Sheet

Hemant Kher Plays a role of Ashwin Mehta
Hemant Kher Plays a role of Ashwin Mehta in Scan 1992 Web series

After Harshad’s death, Ashwin Mehta was left to face all the legalities. He was trapped in a huge number of legal battles which happened in the next two decades. It was only in 2018 when he was finally released by a special court. The last case on Ashwin was about fraud in the State Bank of India. Obviously, this process was not scot-free and he had to face a few jail terms and pay a lot of fines to get out of this entire mess. Additionally, he even had to pay a sum of rupees 1700 crores to a lot of banks as their dues.

Ashwin Mehta was also held in another case that was about the diversion of money from Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC). For this case, he was sentenced to 5 years of rigorous imprisonment and a fine of rupees 5 lacs. 

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Ashwin Mehta, Today!

Hemant Kher & Pratik Gandhi plays a role of Ashwin & Harshad Mehta
Hemant Kher & Pratik Gandhi plays a role of Ashwin & Harshad Mehta in Scan 1992

The days of the Bombay Stock Exchange are far in the past for Ashwin Mehta. He extracted total advantage of the fact that he was absolved from all the cases and allegations and took this to make his life better and free of his past.

As of today, Ashwin Mehta is a well-qualified lawyer. He handles cases in the Mumbai High Court on a daily basis as well as Supreme Court cases. His law career has given him to follow a new adventure of his life. Finally, he has been able to build a reputation different from the one that involved him in the Scam of 1992.

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